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PERSIAN DAVAN GROUP with long family experience in custom clearance service during recent decades and having customs expertise personnel and also using the experience of customs retired personnel have been able to attract trust and cooperation of many of businesses and industries.

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Persian Tejarat
The stages of clearance of your goods in the customs

1- sending documents by consignee
2-obtaining required permissions for custom clearance
3-arranging and sending documents to Order Registration,Standard,and Transportation sections
4-statement round, printing statement
5-authorization- rule 7- cottage
6-route determination:
green route,evaluation number; yellow route, reviewing documents, inspector of evaluation; red route , evaluation , laboratory evaluation , custom salon inspector, evaluation number , head of service , deposit to account and issuing permit
7-end of cottage process
8-loading permit and exit
9-informing the land transportaion company of the consignee address
10-issuing bijek
11-loading and exit door
12-delivering of goods
13-informing consignee of driver's and truck's number
14-sending the statement by clearance section to office of finance
15-sending the statement by office of finance to consignee

Persian Tejarat
News and articles of PERSIAN TEJARAT News & Article

Iran’s oil program against Russian goods

Iran’s oil program against Russian goods Iran’s energy program for Russian goods Russia&

2021-11-12 0

ناممکن شدن حمایت ترجیحی از صادرات به دلیل عدم عضویت ایران در پیمان منطقه ای

عدم عضویت ایران در پیمان‌های منطقه‌ای حمایت ترجیحی از صادرات را ناممکن کرده است.محمود حجتی وزیر جهاد

2017-12-2 0

Validity of registration of car import orders until January 1996

Validity of registration of car import orders until January 1996 The Director General of the Export

2017-11-29 0

Return 554 tons of imported agricultural products from Astara to countries of origin

Return 554 tons of imported agricultural products from Astara to countries of origin In an interview

2017-11-28 0

بخشنامه وزارت بهداشت، درمان و آموزش پزشكی در خصوص عدم تحویل فیزیكی مجوزهای ترخیص به شركتهای تولید كننده و وارد كننده تجهیزات پزشكی

بخشنامه وزارت بهداشت : مدیر كل نظارت و ارزیابی تجهیزات و ملزومات پزشكی  وزارت بهداشت، درمان و آموزش

2017-10-26 0

بخشنامه وزارت بهداشت، در خصوص اعلام تغییرات شركت های توزیعی تجهیزات پزشكی

بخشنامه وزارت بهداشت، درمان و آموزش پزشكی در خصوص اعلام تغییرات در سامانه توزیع كنندگان جهت تغییر سط

2017-10-26 0
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