Familiarity with the concepts and stages of exporting goods
Familiarity with the concepts and stages of exporting goods

خانه Familiarity with the concepts and stages of exporting goods

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Familiarity with the concepts and stages of exporting goods

What is export?


Export is connecting and working with professional markets and market professionals across borders. Exports are the starting point for connecting with others. Export is for the economic growth and development of the country, which is obtained from the sale of products or services to other countries Currency income is generated and helps to establish a trade balance and economic balance.

Export conditions

The first condition for export is mastery of communication skills with humans and foreign groups.

The second condition for export is to work – work in the global sense means to work purposefully.

The third condition of export is to fight in the field of competition. The fourth condition of export is perseverance in export.

Principles and rules of export

One of the rules and regulations of export is to know the professional and international principles and rules of the market. The market has three principles: . Nothing is fixed. . No one is perfect. .

Nothing is absolute. Market professionals have five characteristics: . Specializing in science, ethics, behavior and work in export.

Commitment to export . Belonging to exports . Continuity in exports . Developing exports Exports need to become professional because all exports are hunting grounds that are powerfully obtained opportunities for hunting, opportunities in global markets are rarely available and disappear quickly. Export means cross-border marketing means moving across national borders that are culturally, economically, politically, socially and climatically different from ours, and therefore our approach must be commensurate with it.

The principles of marketing are the same all over the world, but environmental and cultural conditions are different, so in global marketing, the following points should be considered: . Trying to differentiate the product and the company . Flexible production instead of mass production .

Speed ​​and innovation in providing better and more services . Market orientation and attention to the needs and wants of the market day . Strive to create more added value than other competitors’ products .

Attention to organizationalism and market convergence . Close and permanent relationship with distributors and customers .

Paying attention to market research in different ways .

Targeted presence in exhibitions and targeted advertising . Pay attention to comprehensive services (pre-sale service, in-service service and after-sales service) . Serious study on productivity and quality management and international standards . Familiarity with and use of modern sales techniques, including E-Commerce . Use the power of your public relations to communicate with officials, decision makers and the nuclei of power . Sensitivity to environmental and external factors . Manage and react quickly to competitors’ performance

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