Preparation for export of 3 million tons of wheat
Preparation for export of 3 million tons of wheat

خانه Preparation for export of 3 million tons of wheat

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Preparation for export of 3 million tons of wheat

Preparation for export of 3 million tons of wheat

Ready to export 3 million tons of wheat, the Deputy Minister of Agriculture announced that the wheat needed to supply the country’s traditional industrial bread is fully supplied from domestic production and we have no need to import, but we are trying to export Iranian wheat to different countries.

According to Quds Online, quoting Mizan, Ali Ghanbari stated: This year, 14.5 million tons of wheat were produced, of which we bought 11.5 million tons as a guarantee, and it is a unique record in the history of Iranian agriculture and there is no problem in supplying flour. We do not have the bread industry and related industries.

At present, there is a readiness to export three million tons of durum and ordinary wheat to different countries, and there is a buyer for this product from different countries, which indicates the high quality of wheat produced in the country.

Elimination of customs duties on wheat imports

The Deputy Minister of Agriculture, stating that the wheat required for the bakeries has been fully supplied and we have no need to import this product, said: Necessary measures have been taken and the amount of protein and gluten is standard.

Ghanbari stated: In order to increase the quality of bread production in the country, it seems that industrializing bread production in the country, which can be more compatible with the tastes of the Iranian people and is suitable in terms of health, can create a good place in the country for bread production.

He also stated about the implementation of the industrial bread project and the reason for its complete failure in the country: One of the reasons for the failure of industrial bread production in the country is the taste and desire of people to consume traditional bread; Although traditional bread can also have a special place in terms of health in the household consumption basket, but it seems that to strengthen the position of industrial bread, more investment credits should be made in this field and with more advertising, the benefits of this product for consumers will become clearer. At present, seven percent of the bread consumed by the people is industrial bread.

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