Strange statistics of import and transit of clothing from free zones
Strange statistics of import and transit of clothing from free zones

خانه Strange statistics of import and transit of clothing from free zones

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Strange statistics of import and transit of clothing from free zones

Strange statistics of import and transit of clothing from free zones

According to documentary statistics, the difference between the clothes transited and cleared from the Jolfa, Anzali and Qeshm free zones is very significant. It becomes. Some statistics indicate that $ 2 billion worth of clothing is smuggled into the country, while officials and experts assess the free trade zones as one of the bottlenecks in the large import of clothing into the country.



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The reason for this is very clear due to the heavy customs tariffs in order to support domestic production. So far, there are no specific statistics on how clothes are imported into the country from free trade zones, but in the following, we will try to get closer to the figures mentioned in terms of clothing smuggling to the country by examining the statistics of importing and definitive clearance of clothes from these areas. The difference of 7800 tons of clothing entering the region and the cleared goods Although Aras Free Zone is one of the main bottlenecks in imports into the country, but at the moment we are satisfied only with the import of clothing and edible oil from this region, according to the statistics related to the clearance of goods in the first 11 months of this year in Aras Free Zone Customs (Jolfa) Weighted clothing (about 8,000 tons) amounted to $ 7,905,573 and $ 70 million in transit, while only 145 tons and $ 1.5 million worth of cleared clothing were imported during this period. On the other hand, edible oil and olive oil, which require various permits for clearance, including health permits, are in a very unfavorable situation in terms of clearance, and anti-trafficking officials should pay special attention to this issue. In the first 11 months of the year, 3,800 tons of edible oil worth approximately $ 4.3 billion was transited to the Aras Free Zone, while the customs cleared oil was only 34 tons and valued at $ 152,000.

The difference of 3,700 tons of oil entering the free zone and the oil cleared from it can sound the alarm for the officials, because apart from the issue of salaries and fees for obtaining health licenses, it can have adverse consequences for the country.

Strange case of Anzali free zone Anzali Free Trade Zone has also had an interesting situation in the definite transit and import of clothing. During this period, 800 tons worth $ 8,278,656 were transited to the region, while no clothing was cleared through the customs of the region, including toothbrushes and toothpaste, appliances, chocolate and coffee and carbonated beverages, and a number of other goods. It is true that we will discuss them in detail in later reports.

In this regard, some time ago, one of the new importers of clothing who was not familiar with the procedures of importing this product to the country told Tasnim reporter: Facilities in terms of passenger clearance can be imported collectively to the mainland. Hasanrood Free Zone set a record The volume of clothes transited to the Hassanorud Free Zone in the first 11 months of the year was 1,300 tons and its foreign exchange value was $ 16 million, of which only 172 tons and with a foreign exchange value of $ 624,000 were cleared through customs. Qeshm Free Zone by sea, clothing import from China In the first 11 months of the year, 15,000 tons of clothing and foreign exchange value of $ 165 million were transited to the Qeshm Free Zone.

During this period, only 1,000 tons of goods with a value of about $ 9 million have been transited through this region. It should be noted that the number of passengers entering the Qeshm Free Zone during this period was 3,130,157 and the number of outgoing passengers was 3,124,409, while in this period only 2973 passengers were issued.

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