Notifying the conditions for accepting bank letters of guarantee in 1396 to customs throughout the country
Notifying the conditions for accepting bank letters of guarantee in 1396 to customs throughout the country

خانه Notifying the conditions for accepting bank letters of guarantee in 1396 to customs throughout the country

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Notifying the conditions for accepting bank letters of guarantee in 1396 to customs throughout the country

Notifying the conditions for accepting bank letters of guarantee in 1396 to customs throughout the country


Communication of the conditions for accepting bank guarantees in 1396 to customs throughout the country, according to the public relations of Iranian Customs, the provisions of Dr. Karbasian’s circular in this regard show that the facilities of customs guarantees to support production and compensate the liquidity of economic actors and producers. Commodities) will increase in 1396 and customs will provide more facilities to economic actors in the new year.

The text of the circular issued by the Director General of Customs of Iran regarding the conditions for accepting bank guarantees in customs throughout the country in 1396 is as follows:

In order to protect production and according to paragraph T of Article 38 of the Law on Removing Barriers to Competitive Production and according to Article 6 of the Law on Customs Affairs, in order to facilitate and expedite the clearance of definitive imported goods and compensate for the lack of liquidity of economic actors (producers, traders and owners) From the beginning of 1396, while observing the laws and regulations based on the following conditions, it is allowed to obtain a valid bank guarantee for the import duties of the relevant goods at the request of the owner, declarant or his legal representative and in accordance with the form accepted by the Customs of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

1) The term of the obtained bank guarantees according to the type of imported goods is as follows:

A) For raw materials, production line machinery, spare parts (CKD) and spare parts required by production units, types of drugs, medical supplies, equipment, hospital, laboratory, rehabilitation, road construction machinery, workshop equipment, mining and also for basic goods ( Includes wheat, rice, sugar, barley, meal, corn, oil and butter) and the drug with a maturity of 11/15/95

B) For other goods, 6 months are set.

Note 1) Acceptance of a bank guarantee for non-productive natural persons is possible only in the amount of more than five hundred million Rials.

Note 2) The name of the guarantor in the text of the guarantee must be the same as the name of the owner of the goods in the text of the customs declaration.

Note 3) It is necessary to mention that an arrangement should be made to determine the maturity of the obtained guarantees subject to paragraphs (b) and (c) only until 11/15/96.

D) In ​​order to support the development of exports, exported goods subject to duties can be cleared by depositing a guarantee with a maximum maturity of 11/15/96.

E) With regard to paragraph (e) of Article 38 of the Law on the Elimination of Barriers to Competitive Production, the temporary import of raw materials and goods belonging to production units with establishment or operation licenses for processing the subject of Article 51 of the Law on Customs Affairs shall be considered as permitted goods. Other amounts belonging to the definitive arrival of the goods can be cleared with a guarantee up to the deadline of 11/15/96.

2- In order to ensure the accuracy of bank guarantees issued by all banks in the country, the customs are obliged to inquire the matter through the branch issuing the guarantee or the relevant supervision of the said branch or web-based systems introduced in writing or systematically and after receiving confirmation. Import action.

3- In order to prevent any forgery and misuse, the confirmation of receipt of the amount of bank guarantees through the web banking systems must be done simultaneously at the time of receiving the deposit slips. Absolutely refuse to accept deposit slips from the owners of the goods.

4- Considering that the deadlines mentioned in paragraph one have been set as the maximum deadline, the officials of the executive customs, while notifying the esteemed clients, should make arrangements so that at the end of each month, the entrance fee is collected in the targeted amount. To be received by 11/15/96 at the latest.

If any of the bank branches do not pay the amount of guarantees issued at the due date, while following up on the receipt of the principal, the payment delay delay and announcing the branch’s failure to inspect the relevant bank, report the result to the Deputy of Management Development and Resources to reject the guarantee. An appropriate decision should be made.

Note) Executive customs are not allowed to accept bank guarantees from the first of February.

5. The customs are obliged to register the information of the obtained guarantees and related images and any subsequent amendments in the financial part of the Comprehensive Customs System (ACC).

6- If the deadline for bank guarantees obtained for any reason at the time of clearance of goods is less than the maximum deadlines specified in paragraph one of this instruction, the executive customs are not allowed to extend and acceptance of the guarantee or extension of the deadline before maturity is subject to obtaining permission from the deputy. Management and resource development.

7- The responsibility for the proper implementation of this instruction in each customs is the responsibility of the director and the administrative and financial deputy, and in the whole country, the deputy of management and resources development. In addition, by announcing this instruction, all previous contradictory directives regarding obtaining a bank guarantee will be canceled.

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