A joint Iran-Greece Chamber of Commerce was set up
A joint Iran-Greece Chamber of Commerce was set up

خانه A joint Iran-Greece Chamber of Commerce was set up

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A joint Iran-Greece Chamber of Commerce was set up

A joint Iran-Greece Chamber of Commerce was set up

According to the Tehran Chamber of Commerce, Mehdi Jahangiri, in an extraordinary meeting of the General Assembly of the Iran-Greece Chamber of Commerce, which was held in the presence of active members, called Greece one of Iran’s important trading partners and invited economic activists in the private sector to Help improve the country’s economy in this complex situation.

He said that before the sanctions, Greece was one of the most important trading partners of Iran in the European Union, adding: “Sanctions in recent years have caused a rift in economic relations between the two countries; But in the post-conflict period, we are witnessing the narrowing of this gap, and now with the formation of the Iran-Greece Joint Chamber of Commerce, we are very optimistic about improving economic relations and returning the two countries to the warm relations of the past. With the help of the country’s tourism industry, he said: “Greece can play an important role in the development of Iran’s tourism by having valuable experiences in the tourism industry and have a lot of assistance to our country in this field.”

This member of the board of the Tehran Chamber stated: In the post-embargo economic headquarters of the Tehran Chamber, we are seriously pursuing the strong presence of the private sector in the national economy. Of course, achieving this is not easy; But we know that in the state economy, if the private sector lags behind, the public and quasi-government sectors will grow bigger and fatter under the pretext of this absence.

The head of the Iran-Greece Joint Chamber of Commerce continued: “Existence of economic sanctions, continuous decline in oil prices and of course economic recession in the world and within the country, as well as regional conditions have caused such a need to change the state economy in the country. Provide the country’s economy to the private sector and activists who did not have much space to work before.

Jahangiri continued: “Today, the promotion and transformation of the Iran-Greece Joint Trade Council into a joint Iran-Greece Chamber of Commerce is a good thing for foreign trade, and the formation of this chamber is a sign of the success of its members in consolidation, coordination and empathy.”

He stressed: “It is important to be able to encourage economic actors to cooperate and assist in the development of trade relations between Iran and Greece and to do our best to use the Iran-Greece Chamber as a supporter of economic actors in the two countries.” In the continuation of this meeting, Majid Ghadiri, Member of the Board and Secretary General of the Iran-Greece Joint Chamber of Commerce, a report on the activities of this council in the past years and future plans of the Joint Chamber, including sending and receiving business delegations, holding seminars, attracting investment. Foreign offered.

The board of directors of the Iran-Greece Joint Chamber also includes figures such as Seyed Hamed Vahedi, a member of the board of the Tehran Chamber, Ali Naqib, Mohammad Souri, Hossein Jafarian and Hamid Reza Khalili.

Author: persian / Date: 2017-10-26
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