ISO 22000 standard
ISO 22000 standard

خانه ISO 22000 standard

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ISO 22000 standard

ISO 22000 standard

Undoubtedly, providing healthy food for the growing population of the world is one of the most important concerns of our world today.

Developments in advanced technology in food production have not only alleviated this concern, but also highlighted the problems caused by the consumption of industrial foods, in line with the development of modernity processes and the restructuring of urban and rural life, which has ultimately increased the consumption of processed foods. Industrialization and the prolongation of the production cycle to consumption has exacerbated this concern.

The need for industry-specific standards focusing on food safety has been one of the global standardization priorities in the last three decades, which has resulted in the implementation of these standards in the food management system based on ISO 22000-2005.

The global standard ISO22000-2005 prepared by the ISO / TC34 technical group controls the hazards in food safety and health at the point of consumption. Because food hazards can occur at any stage of the food chain, appropriate controls throughout the food chain are required by this standard.

ISO 22000 food safety management system standard is a risk management tool designed exclusively to ensure the safety of food products.

ISO22000 is a basic standard that allows organizations and companies to recognize the relevant risks and manage them effectively in terms of safety and economic efficiency.

Obtaining certification based on this standard will move your organization’s approach from the traditional quality testing method to a preventative thinking approach. This standard provides a systematic approach that covers all aspects of the food chain, from purchasing raw materials to end-use in restaurants, catering, production of equipment, machinery and chemicals, and services such as pest control, laundry, Covers transportation and logistics.

ISO 22000 standard is designed with the view of compliance and compatibility with other international standards of ISO 9001 management system. Therefore, this standard is ideal for coordination and integration with existing management systems.

ISO 22000 can be used in all organizations and companies that are directly and indirectly involved in the food chain. This standard allows you to evaluate and demonstrate product compliance in relation to food safety and control food safety hazards.

Objectives of the ISO 22000 standard:

Coordinate food safety management requirements for trade across the food chain globally
Designing a logical relationship throughout the organization to manage food safety in compliance with standard requirements
Public participation of the people of the organization by performing the best activities to achieve a safe product
Targeting the organization and implementing the set policies
Creating confidence in the consumer and guaranteeing a healthy product
Gain superiority over competitors
Certification as a marketing tool
Keep up with the latest common management methods in the world

Advantages of ISO 22000 standard:

Eliminate or reduce non-compliant return products and the ability to make decisions and rebuild non-compliant products
Improving work relationships between different units of the organization and between employees
Build trust in the organization’s customers by identifying, designing and planning to control food hazards and ensure a healthy product
Reduce the likelihood of errors and mistakes at any stage of the food cycle
Reduce inspection and test costs by eliminating or reducing unnecessary checkpoints and relying more and more accurately on critical control points
Optimal control of operations and facilities and equipment to ensure the performance of activities in accordance with the standard
The system allows the organization to continue to function effectively in the absence of key people

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