Special shipping documents
Special shipping documents

خانه Special shipping documents

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Special shipping documents

Special shipping documents

Specia_ shipping_documents

Certified Invoice: It is the invoice in which the seller has certified that a) the goods are according to the contract b) the goods are made in a certain country c) any other specifications that the buyer asks from the seller, the seller has written under the trade list And testifies.

This list is usually approved by the Chamber of Commerce of the seller’s country.

Legalized Invoice: A commercial list certified by the Chamber of Commerce of the country of manufacture or seller of the goods and the embassy of the buyer in the country of manufacture or seller of the goods.

Weight Certificate: This certificate only indicates the weight of the goods and must match the amount of weight shown in other documents. This document is issued by the seller or another third party.

Consular Invoice: This list, which is a printed form, is provided by the embassies of the buyer’s country in the seller’s country to the seller or manufacturer of the goods and is completed by the seller and finally sealed by the embassy. The costs of issuing this list are borne by the seller and the information contained in it must correspond to the contents of the bill of lading, business list and other documents and must be written on the stamped papers of the relevant embassy or consulate.

Manufacturer Analysis Certificate: This certificate describes the components, raw materials and their ratios in the manufacture of purchased goods (usually chemicals and pharmaceuticals) by analysis. This certificate is usually issued by an independent laboratory or institute.

Black List Certificate: Countries that are at war with another country or have been banned from buying because of a black political relationship with one country apply for the certificate. This certificate shows that the purchased goods were not made in the mentioned country and the parties to the transaction are not on the black list.

Animal Health Certificate (Health Veterinary & Sanitary Certificate):

This certificate is usually used for the purchase of food, livestock, animal skins and animals and its contents must be approved by the health, agriculture or animal husbandry authorities of the seller. This certificate is usually requested by the authorities of the purchasing country.

Fumigation Certificate: Usually this certificate is used at the request of the health authorities of the buyer country and is used to import the purchased goods into the buyer country. In this case, the seller is obliged to disinfect the agricultural goods before loading and the health authorities of his country to confirm the absence of any plant pests.

Transport companies are also obliged to disinfect their warehouses before transporting and loading the goods, and if it is damaged due to non-disinfection of the relevant goods, the responsibility lies with the transport company.

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