Useful information about goods and services export license (BAFA)
Useful information about goods and services export license (BAFA)

خانه Useful information about goods and services export license (BAFA)

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Useful information about goods and services export license (BAFA)

Useful information about goods and services export license (BAFA)

What does the term (BAFA) mean?

The term (BAFA) is an abbreviation of the German words (Bundesamt für Wirtschaft und Ausfuhrkontrolle) which has its English equivalent (Federal Office Of Economics and Export Control) and its Persian equivalent (export control and administrative economy of the German federal government).

When is export prohibited?

When goods or services include prohibitions contained in sanctions. Also goods or services that provide assistance to terrorism. These prohibitions fall into the following three general groups:
م Completely forbidden:

The items, goods and services that are on the banned list and their provision will help terrorism.
← Forbidden part:

Providing goods and services to branches or economic offices linked to terrorism or listed in the sanctions list.
← Prohibition of weapons:

Any weapons, ammunition, military equipment or related technical services and support

When is an export license required?

Any goods, products or services that contain dual use rules. Dual use means that a product can be used in some way in the above-mentioned prohibited cases, even if the description of its use is directly different.

Sometimes it is not the type of goods and services that requires the obligation to obtain an export license, but the end consumer of the goods, the buyer or the purchasing intermediary that requires it.

The dual-use list currently has 600 items, which are categorized into the following groups:
Equipment, machinery and nuclear materials, toxic substances, microorganisms, chemicals, process materials, general electronic items, computers, communications and information security, sensors and lasers, aerospace and navigation electronics, marine technologies, propulsion systems and Aerospace equipment.

The law stipulates that all exporters must be aware of items that are not on the list above but know or suspect that they will be provided for dual use or will eventually reach the final consumer on the sanctions list. Notify the Federal Export Control Authority.

What types of export licenses are there?

Iv Special Export License or (Indivisual Export License):

When items are shipped to a final buyer or consumer based on a purchase order.

Imum Maximum Amount License:

It is a special type of special export license in which the total volume of ordering a product for a buyer or consumer in several stages (several component orders) is provided. For example, providing the annual consumption of a product for a buyer or consumer.

Ex Global Export License:

It is for large exporting companies that constantly supply a group of products to different buyers or consumers.

 General Export License:

There are items that are excluded from the Federal Office of Export Official Publications as public items without the need for an export license. Each of these licenses is exempted for specific products and free for specific countries.

For these items, the exporter just needs to register the transaction in his user panel and send a print of the published general export license along with the customs documents.


How to apply for a special export license?

The application process for the license is carried out using a fully electronic system called (ELAN K2) and each exporter to register for this site must submit their legal documents, register at the German Federal Export Control site. A special customs code (EORI) is required for the exporter.
The proof of the final consumer declaration is required.

The final consumer certificate is divided into private consumer types, official consumers (organizations, organs and departments) or international import certificate. Providing technical documents of the goods in a transparent and complete way is necessary to describe the technical characteristics, general and special uses of the buyer or consumer.

How long does it take to obtain a special export license?

Generally, at least one month is considered for it. This time is very much dependent on the completeness of the documents. Tracking of work steps for the request submitted by the exporter of the goods is fully possible in the comprehensive electronic system called (ELAN K2).

What products are related to Advice on the list of goods or (AZG)?

Products that are not on the prohibited lists, depending on the code and customs grouping of the goods, sometimes need to obtain a product advisory card to ensure that exports are unrestricted. Two copies of this form are required to be provided with customs documents.

It is possible to apply for an export license through an electronic system (ELAN K2) for exporters registered with the German Federal Export Control Authority.

What is a Blank Notice?

When an exporter has doubts as to whether the export item includes a mandatory export license, an exporter can, through the procedure, avoid the excessive workload imposed on the Federal Export Control Bureau and save time and money in favor of the exporter. Ask for a white notice.

Having a white notice form for a product means that there is no prohibition on exporting it and there is no obligation to obtain an export license.

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