Outsourcing the production and import of goods
Outsourcing the production and import of goods

خانه Outsourcing the production and import of goods

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Outsourcing the production and import of goods

Outsourcing the production and import of goods

Announcement of the Trade Development Organization on outsourcing the production and import of goods under the brand of Iranian companies from 7/25/1695

The Trade Development Organization of Iran has announced in the following announcement:

1- With the aim of informing economic activists about the requirements of paragraph “c” of Article 2 of the Law on Combating Commodity and Currency Smuggling and the need to obtain a license from the Ministry of Industry, Mines and Trade and the relevant specialized deputy (Deputy for Industrial Affairs) when registering an order electronically. Informing the importer and registering the order of import of goods made in other countries and under the brand of domestic companies until the preparation and presentation of relevant criteria by specialized offices and notification of the Deputy for Economic and Commercial Affairs is subject to obtaining approval from the Deputy for Industrial Affairs and relevant specialized offices. Be.

2- Considering the instruction on how to register the representation of foreign companies by the high official of the Ministry in accordance with Article (4) of the Consumer Protection Law, and since in this instruction the granting of representation only to foreign brands with production factories is allowed and giving representation to Factories without factory (wage production and outsourcing) are not considered. Therefore, for the goods subject to this instruction, such as cars, mobile phones, home appliances and clothing, the task is clear and the registration of the order of this product is subject to having a certificate of representation from the guild center.

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