US confidence in European banks to cooperate with Iran
US confidence in European banks to cooperate with Iran

خانه US confidence in European banks to cooperate with Iran

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US confidence in European banks to cooperate with Iran

US confidence in European banks to cooperate with Iran

The speech of the Governor of the Central Bank at the Arika Council on Foreign Relations, which was held on the sidelines of the IMF meeting, marked a new chapter in the implementation of the BRICS. When Waliullah Seif spoke of the lack of cooperation from the big European banks and their fear of the United States, he made a lot of noise inside, but it seems that he created a new path in the international arena for negotiations and the lifting of restrictions on banking relations. The Governor of the Central Bank of Iran put on the agenda a demand to get what is expected from Borjam. These remarks created a new space for economic and political negotiations.


In this regard, Ahmad Hatami Yazd, a banking expert, told the Tehran Chamber news website that the major European banks are waiting for the US to reassure them that they will not be fined again for cooperating with Iran.

After talks between US Treasury Secretary Seif and US Secretary of State Jack Lowe, diplomats began talks. During his visit to the United States, Mohammad Javad Zarif spoke with Kerry and stressed that all parties to the nuclear talks must meet their demands in the UN Security Council.

It was after these talks that John Kerry, in a speech to non-US banks and institutions, officially stated that their cooperation with Iran was not prohibited by the United States.

“As President Obama, as well as Secretary of the Treasury Jack Lowe, and I have said, we have repeatedly said that the United States has not obstructed the trade route since the implementation of the Comprehensive Plan of Action,” he said. Subscriber, it has been allowed to Iran, and will not continue to create obstacles. I want to emphasize that we lifted the sanctions on the nuclear issue as we promised, and now there are opportunities for foreign banks to do business with Iran.

He added: “Unfortunately, there seems to be some confusion in some foreign banks and we want to make this issue as transparent as possible.” Among the nuclear sanctions that have been lifted have been sanctions that barred Iran from engaging with non-US banks, including any access to Iran’s restricted financial resources that had previously been banned outside the country.

“I want to make it clear that we are not an obstacle to the interaction of foreign banks that want to interact with Iranian banks and companies, and we have no objection to this. Of course, it is quite clear that this attitude exists as long as these banks,” Kerry said. And companies are not on our sanctions list for non-nuclear reasons. But lifting nuclear sanctions will allow non-US banks to engage in business and corporate activities in Iran, as well as allow them access to finance and allow Iran to access its own financial resources.

“I want to say that we understand that banks and businessmen have to make complex economic and business decisions, and they have to make that decision, and this is an issue that shows why the State Department and the Treasury Department are doing this,” he said. The United States is actively working with partner governments and the private sector to clarify the sanctions that have been lifted, and if a bank or any company has any questions, we would be happy to answer them. These companies and banks should not assume that activities that were banned before the implementation of Borjam are still banned. Nor should they assume that activities that are still prohibited under the initial sanctions are also prohibited for foreign actors.

“When companies and banks are in doubt, my message is to ask questions when you are in doubt,” Kerry said.

He continued: “We now believe that companies need time to feel confident about re-engaging with Iran, and it is fair to say that this is not because of sanctions but because of concerns, and as we have made clear in the negotiations, Iran It also needs time to update its banking system to get things done (related to lifting sanctions). An action that has not been taken during the years of sanctions and this (updating the banking system) will facilitate the process.

“I want to make it clear that the United States is committed to fulfilling its obligations (in BRICS) as we believe it is in our best interest to ensure that BRICS is implemented,” he said. The nuclear agreement we have reached is a working document for all parties and as we live up to our commitments. We will continue to work with Iran to ensure that they also live up to their commitments. A multilateral commitment has been made to Borjam, and it is important to ensure that Borjam is implemented multilaterally.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Mohammad Javad Zarif, also said: “I hope that the remarks made today by US Secretary of State John Kerry will open a difficult path due to the concerns of banks about the US approach to fulfilling the obligations under the Comprehensive Action Plan.” Subscriber is closed.

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