Increase in tariffs on steel sheets in 1995
Increase in tariffs on steel sheets in 1995

خانه Increase in tariffs on steel sheets in 1995

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Increase in tariffs on steel sheets in 1995

Increase in tariffs on steel sheets in 1995

Increase in tariffs on steel sheets in 1995; The secretary of the Syndicate of Pipe and Profile Manufacturers announced the approval of the tariff increase for steel sheets in 1995 and said: the Minister of Industry has ordered that steel sheets be produced 5% cheaper than FOB Persian Gulf.

Amir Hossein Kaveh announced in a press conference the approval of the increase in tariffs for steel sheets in the government and said: “Currently, steel sheets with a thickness of less than 3 mm are supplied only by three companies: Mobarakeh Steel, Ahvaz Rolling and Pipe and Gilan Steel. These sheets are raw materials.” Pipe and profile factories are considered in the country, while domestic production does not meet the needs of producers, but the government has approved to increase the import tariff for steel sheets for the year 1995, which will increase the cost of final products of domestic producers in foreign markets. Has a problem.

The secretary of the Steel Pipe and Profile Manufacturers Syndicate added: “Currently, the supply of raw materials required by the country’s steel pipe and profile production factories is exclusively in the hands of several production units, while these units have issued the sheet at a price of $ 277 and when the product is scheduled They sell themselves to a domestic manufacturer, offering it for $ 425, while the commodity exchange supplies the raw materials needed by the manufacturing sector in droplets.

He added: “Manufacturers of steel products sent a letter of protest to the Ministry of Industry, Mines and Trade and the Minister of Industry himself. While this did not happen, we are ready to buy 200,000 tons of the products we need up to 10% more expensive than FOB Persian Gulf from domestic producers.

According to Kaveh, the import tariff on steel sheets for next year has been set at 20 percent, while with this tariff, it is difficult to continue the situation, although production units are now operating at 40 percent of their capacity, while some factories are closed. While with these conditions, unfortunately the tariffs in closed rooms have been approved.

He said: “We are negotiating with one of the major sheet manufacturers in China to, if possible, build a warehouse in one of the special economic zones of the country at its own expense and store its products in it, so that the raw materials needed by factories can be found.” Pipes and profiles can be provided and accessed at a daily price and more easily. Meanwhile, the Iranian Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Mines opposes the increase in import tariffs on steel sheets with a thickness of less than 3 mm, and in general, it seems that if the tariff increase is implemented, next year the price will increase by at least 20% in In the field of pipes and profiles, we will see that as a result, the prices of downstream industries will increase. During the last one or two weeks, when the issues related to the increase of import tariffs have been raised, the prices have increased by 300 Tomans.

Abui Mehrizi, a member of the Syndicate of Manufacturers of Steel Pipes and Profiles, also said: “In February of last year, we signed an agreement with the Association of Steel Producers, according to which the request to increase import tariffs for sheets under 3 mm will not be determined. On March 18 last year, this tariff was imposed and caused many problems. Even now, our request to the government was not to set a tariff for these sheets, while this year the tariff has been approved by the government with a higher increase than before.

He added: “According to the customs statistics of the Islamic Republic of Iran, 2,850,000 tons of hot rolled sheets have entered the country in the eleven months of this year, while 1,750,000 tons of this figure is related to sheets under 3 mm, while we are in Sheets less than 2 mm can not be produced in the country, of course, part of the temporary import of goods for export.

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