8% increase in food industry exports in 95
8% increase in food industry exports in 95

خانه 8% increase in food industry exports in 95

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8% increase in food industry exports in 95

8% increase in food industry exports in 95

8% increase in exports of food products in 1995, according to Anna Economic Group of Public Relations of the Trade Development Organization, during the last year exports of 9 food products including vegetable oils, essential oils and essences, various food products, cereal products, biscuits, pastries Dairy products, food pastes, pasta and sourdough, tomato paste, sugar and sugar products have increased in dollar value and four groups including compote and canned food, concentrate and juice, honey and beverages have decreased in dollar value.

Increase food industry exports

During this period, exports of dairy products 19, cereal products 3.7, biscuits, pastries and chocolates 10, various foods 14.4, vegetable oil 15.6, essential oils and liqueurs 16.6, food pasta, pasta and sourdough 2, tomato paste 1 and sugar and Sugar and its products showed a 4.1 percent increase, compared to exports of compote and canned food 5, concentrate and juice 29, honey 16 and beverages 10 percent.

Considering the improvement of the quality level of the country’s dairy products and compliance with the standards of the target market, as well as removing export barriers and streamlining the export process of dairy products during 2016, in terms of value, 634 million dollars reached 387 thousand tons, compared to the same period in 1994. According to the report, 194,000 tons of sweets, chocolates and biscuits worth $ 489.3 million were exported during the same period, which is compared to the previous year. The same period last year increased by 10% in value and 2.5% in weight. Meanwhile, the main export markets for these products were Iraq and Afghanistan.

The report adds that the export of tomato paste in 2016, with a value of $ 203 million and a weight of 147,000 tons, compared to the same period of the previous year, shows a 24.5% increase in value in terms of value and in terms of weight. Thousands of tons of pasta and similar products worth $ 52 million were exported, which is an increase of 2% in value and 1.7% in weight compared to the same period of 1994.

Also, 60.5 thousand tons of fruit juices and fruit concentrates worth $ 72.5 million were exported, which compared to the same period in 1994, we had a 29 percent decrease in value and a 22.4 percent decrease in weight. Fluctuations in the production of agricultural products in 1995 and the increase in production costs are among the most important concerns of production and export of this group of products, which due to these factors, the export situation of these products has fluctuated last year.

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