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The owner of the goods or his legal representative has the right to view and weigh the goods before opening the declaration, according to the written request and submission of ownership documents with the consent of the customs. Take action and replace the wrapper.


This action must be taken in the presence and under the constant supervision of informed and insightful agents, who will be determined by the department while issuing the permit.

If their contents are damaged due to opening and closing the packages in the above order, the customs will not be responsible for it, and for that damage, there will be no reduction in customs duties, commercial profits, customs fees and duties.

Whenever the owner of the goods wants to inspect the contents of the packages or change the wrapping or drying the goods or other actions that require changes in the packaging and tampering of the goods, he must clearly and clearly state the level in his request. It is determined that care must be taken to ensure that no action is taken other than as requested and agreed upon by the owner of the goods. Also, before performing any action, the agent must record the appearance of the packages in terms of the type of package and the sign of being healthy or torn or tampered with, and then allow them to be opened. After opening the packages, they must fill in the blanks, net weight, type, material, quantity, number and other complete specifications of the goods containing all the packages or packages requested by the owner of the goods, and in any case a copy of the minutes must be made. Surrender to the warehouse

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