ISO 14001: Environmental Management System
ISO 14001: Environmental Management System

خانه ISO 14001: Environmental Management System

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ISO 14001: Environmental Management System

ISO 14001: Environmental Management System

The ISO 14000 family standard includes international standards related to environmental systems. An environmental management system is a tool that enables an organization to achieve the level of environmental performance it sets and achieve it. Systematically control. The standard expresses the guarantee of product quality and service in terms of compliance with environmental requirements and its maintenance.

ISO 14001

This system includes organizational structure, planning activities, definition of responsibilities, determination of methods and processes, as well as obtaining the necessary resources to prepare, implement, review and maintain the environmental policy of the organization. Use this standard. The use of this standard provides the assurance to the management of the company and its employees and external stakeholders that the environmental effects have been measured and improved.

By using this standard as an effective and active element in the management system, it improves the environmental performance of the organization, integrates and standardizes the management system, coordinates the implementation and management of affairs, acquaints managers with problem-solving methods and obstacles. Specifies the existing structure. This standard is flexible and its components are selected in accordance with the characteristics of each organization as well as the laws and environmental conditions of each country in a realistic way and with the aim of establishing an environmental management system in the existing system in an organization, company, etc. Finds, in a purposeful and systematic way, to identify environmental problems and hazards related to the activities of the organization in different parts and then categorize them. In the next step, according to the priorities, specific programs to control and The reduction of the mentioned risks and problems is formulated in which the field of activity, time of performance, responsibilities and methods of work are precisely defined.

Purpose of implementing ISO 14001

Creating a good environment for organizations to understand the concepts of the environment and using different methods in planning, implementing and controlling the processes of the organization in terms of environmental approach provides and leads to a reduction of environmental pollutants.

Scope of application of ISO 14001

It is used in all different organizations and organs, regardless of its type or department of activity.

Benefits of implementing ISO 14001

Pollution prevention
At the global level, entering into environmental management systems will create a comprehensive agreement and build credibility and acceptability.
Reuse of materials
Reduce the risk of environmental activities of the organization
Strengthen the image of the company in the field of national and international competitions
Cost control and optimal use of raw materials, energy and natural resources
Optimal use of natural resources
Delete jobs again
Save time and money on a systematic and forward-looking approach
Reduce grievances, fines and penalties
Increase satisfaction in the environment and motivate employees
Gain a competitive advantage over competitors
Will establish good relationships with the customer as a supplier of products or services
Observance of national and related environmental laws

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