Creating a green corridor for the export of 24 items to Russia
Creating a green corridor for the export of 24 items to Russia

خانه Creating a green corridor for the export of 24 items to Russia

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Creating a green corridor for the export of 24 items to Russia

Creating a green corridor for the export of 24 items to Russia

Mehdi Mohtashami at the opening ceremony of the 13th meeting of the Joint Cooperation Commission of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Russian Federation, which was held this morning at the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, referred to Russia’s very constructive role in Iran’s talks with the P5 + 1 and its support for Borjam. “At last year’s meeting, eight important documents that had an operational aspect were signed between the two sides, which shows that both countries have had a very close alignment in political relations, especially in regional cooperation,” he said. Between Iran and Russia to reduce world oil production, he added: “This alignment of oil policies will have effects not only in the region but also in the world economy, and economic and trade relations can be reliable when it is within a win-win framework for both sides.”

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He considered the progress made in the relations between the two countries since the last summit as significant and briefly mentioned their titles as facilitating the trade visas of merchants, establishing a flight route from Tehran to Astrakhan, two customs agreements with creating a green corridor between the two countries to facilitate imports and exports. The products of the two countries include health cooperation for the export and import of pharmaceuticals and scientific cooperation, especially in the field of ICT. A total of 24 items were included in the reduction of trade tariffs, which is an opportunity for farmers and non-farmers to enter the Russian market, he said. Russia will start in the next two weeks, one of which is the Bandar Abbas power plant, from which four thermal power plants will start operating.

He said that the next project is the repair and electrification of the Garmsar-Incheh-Burun railway with a total credit of $ 2.4 billion to $ 2.5 billion, adding: “In addition, there are other projects such as nuclear power plants. Mohtashami pointed out: The level of cooperation is very wide, which includes one of the most important banking cooperation, which has an important position as a facilitator of all relationships. While tourism cooperation is also very important for cooperation and I hope an agreement will be reached in this regard. Referring to other cooperation in areas such as agriculture, housing and urban development and radio, the official said: We are still interested in some export barriers, for example Export cement, continue this strategic product to Russia. The eyes of many producers and farmers from Sistan and Baluchestan to the north of the country to export their products are focused on this meeting.

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