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Definition of Anemometer (Anemometer)

Anemometer is a device for measuring wind speed (air flow).

The Latin name of this device consists of anemos meaning wind and meter meaning measuring. Anemometers can be divided into two categories: a category that measures wind speed and a category that measures wind pressure. There is a direct relationship between velocity and pressure, and an anemometer is designed to obtain information from both. Vertical is made on two vertically intersecting axes that rest on a rod. More complete examples of this tool are mill or windmill and wind gauge of hot wire type. Sonic and ….

Flowmeter or flowmeter is a tool to measure the volume of material passing through time. Accurate flow measurement is important due to the lower cost and purchase of a certain amount of material such as oil exchanges and household gas meters.

Classification of anemometers or wind speedometers

Anemometers or wind speedometers are divided into two categories. A group that measures wind speed and the second group is a group that measures wind flow. Wind speedometers or anemometers are designed to measure speeds such as meters per second (m / s). With the help of wind speedometers, the speed of moving air can be measured. In a thermometer – anemometer (wind speedometer), the air temperature is detected by the presence of a sensor inside the anemometer.

The unit of measurement in wind speedometers is ft / min (ft / min), km / h, m / s (m / s), mph and Mach per hour, and so on.

The second category is wind flowmeters, which measure the volume of wind passing through a specific area per unit time. The units for measuring the amount of moving air passing through the air duct are cubic meters per minute (CMM) and cubic feet per minute (CFM). To measure the flow, you must first enter the desired area in terms of square meters in the device and then the amount of volume will be displayed.

The following figures show the types of wind speedometer probes:

Blade or butterfly probe
Cup probe
Hot wire probe
Common uses of anemometers are as follows:
Inspection test of industrial air conditioners and fans
Measurement of ducts and ducts
Used in sensitive centers such as calibration laboratories to test air pressure.
Devices such as suction hoods are used to check and review and to analyze the working conditions.
Used in car engines to analyze their performance
They also monitor the output of the ionizing current.
Anemometers are also used to examine the ventilation system.

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