Border market
Border market

خانه Border market

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Border market

Border market

Border markets are enclosed areas located at the zero point of the border near the customs authorized to carry out customs clearance procedures, or places determined according to the agreements concluded between the Islamic Republic of Iran and neighboring countries and residents on both sides of the border can observe their products. Export and import regulations for trade in these markets.

Establishment of customs at the entrance and exit of the bazaar is necessary to apply export and import regulations and monitor its observance in the bazaar, and it is the responsibility of customs to do so. The list of tradable goods in the market and its value is prepared and announced by the Ministry of Commerce according to the needs of the border provinces and the agreement reached with the other country and the country’s export and import regulations.

The entry and clearance of goods in border markets is possible only by presenting the sales invoice of the booths in the border markets of the opposite country and there is no need to provide other documents such as proforma and bill of lading. All permitted goods can be traded in border markets. The import of any kind of goods through the border markets is subject to the export of goods, and each year the value of the goods that can be imported into each market is set at up to five million dollars. All natural persons residing in border areas and legal entities operating in border areas are allowed to operate in border markets.

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