Inspection of Elevator
Inspection of Elevator

خانه Inspection of Elevator

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Inspection of Elevator

Technical inspection of elevators


An elevator is a device consisting of a cabin and usually a balance weight and other components that move the passenger or cargo or both between the floors of the building in different ways.

According to national building regulations, buildings with more than 3 floors or with a vertical length of more than 9 meters from the floor must require an elevator. It should be noted that in non-residential buildings, the length of the vertical path from the floor of the lowest floor to the floor of the highest floor is calculated.

Note: At least 2 elevators must be installed in 8-storey buildings or with a path length of 28 meters and more than the main entrance floor.

Therefore, the use of elevators in buildings is increasing. The point to be noted is that the technical inspection of the elevator should be done periodically every month.

At the time of delivery of the elevator, the ID card related to the elevator must be received and in each maintenance contract, this ID card must be seen by the maintenance company so that the latest major changes in the elevator can be added to the ID card information.

Among the items to be considered in the technical inspection of the elevator, include:

Cabin lighting: It is always necessary to be inside the cabin. It is also necessary to install a ventilator for the cabin with a door.

– Socket installed on the roof of the cabin

Engine room lighting: Lighting inside the engine room should be provided at least 200 lux per floor

  • Engine room socket: At least one socket must be installed in the engine room.

    Elevator well lighting: Elevator well lighting should be provided optimally. Two lights should be installed at a distance of half a meter from the top and bottom of the well and the rest of the lights at a maximum distance of 7 meters with protection and the ability to turn on and off the engine room and well. It is better to install one light on each floor.

Elevator alarm: Emergency and stop alarm buttons are the lowest button and are installed at a height of 890 mm, and the highest elevator button should not be higher than 1370 mm from the floor of the cabin. The elevator news alarm must be equipped with a rechargeable battery and, if possible, an auxiliary alarm can be installed in the guard room.

  • The function of the locks and doors of the cabin and floors must be considered in the technical inspection of the elevator. The doors of the cabin and floors (in automatic type) must be opened and closed in harmony and connected to each other when opened. The impact due to a collision with an obstacle (especially a passenger) should not exceed 150 Newtons. In cabins and floor doors, when closed, the entrance opening must be completely covered and locked. (Safety lock)

The elevator shaft space should be exclusively for the elevator and should not contain cables, tools and other things. The elevator shaft should not be a means of venting the building.

In the technical inspection of the elevator, the key that is open in the well (distance between the floor of the lowest stop to the floor of the elevator shaft) is available to stop and hold the elevator, and in terms of safety, the on and off mode of the switch must be specified. It should be properly insulated inside, its floor should be cemented or covered with non-slip mosaic and it should have a suitable ladder.

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