TSC electronic database (determination of customs value of goods) and its functions
TSC electronic database (determination of customs value of goods) and its functions

خانه TSC electronic database (determination of customs value of goods) and its functions

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TSC electronic database (determination of customs value of goods) and its functions

TSC electronic database (determination of customs value of goods) and its functions

TSC Electronic Database (Determining the Customs Value of Goods) and Its Functions: The digital revolution in Iranian customs is not limited to customs procedures, and even this technology has covered how goods are valued.

According to the public relations of Iran’s customs, in addition to eliminating individual tastes in the valuation of goods, the implementation of these measures has facilitated and streamlined trade and, according to many, has led to justice in the valuation of goods. Khodakaram Eskandari, Director General of the Office for Review and Determination of Customs Value and Tariff, explains more about the most important achievement of electronic customs in the field of commodity valuation:

Determining the electronic customs value of goods

“The TSC (Customs Value Determination) electronic system has been able to record information on the value of more than 70,000 records in the nearly one year since its inception. This allows the owners of the goods to achieve the same values ​​at the customs level and to significantly reduce the number of disputes. The tariff specific code (TSC) system is based on the characteristics of the goods’ tariffs, and according to the physical, chemical, model and other technical characteristics of the goods, a four-digit code is provided at the end of each row of the goods tariff. Is. This code is based on a more complete description of the product to determine the value for each unit of the product, which is called the product value identifier.

In this regard, during a public call from all production, commercial and commercial units to complete the database of the value of the invitation was done to cooperate and by presenting documents and clearance records approved by this office within the framework of Articles 14 and 15 of the Customs Law and its executive regulations The mentioned values ​​were registered in the value database and now the price changes are continuously monitored by the experts of the office for reviewing and determining the value and tariff. Although not more than a year has passed since the implementation of this system, but so far more than seventy thousand value records have been recorded. One of the advantages of launching this system is the unification of the valuation of goods in all customs of the country, in a way that prevents individual tastes in handling and determining the value of goods and tariffs. Although this system is a new system, but with the launch of this Databases Minimize disputes, except in the case of goods whose price levels are constantly changing, and in this regard, if the beneficiary submits documents to this office or the executive customs, it will be reviewed and revised as soon as possible. Of course, for editing, it is not necessary to refer to the headquarters offices and declarants can declare their goods when declaring their goods and by entering the value ID code that has already been registered and presenting new value documents, and the experts of the executive customs while reviewing the documents. After approval, the law is registered for editing through the EPL system and sent to the headquarters office for final review and registration. In cases where there is a disagreement between the owner of the goods and the customs regarding the determined values, the goods can be cleared in accordance with Article 45 of the Law on Customs Affairs and then the case can be sent to the customs disputes and review commissions. Due to the fact that the value database on the web and in the context of the customs network (intranet) under the centralized expert system (acc.irica.ir) is available to all executive customs and on the other hand in the context of the Internet network at epl.irica.ir/ TscViewPage is available to the owners of the goods, so this has led to the acceleration, facilitation and commercialization of the goods clearance process while observing tax justice and unifying the assessment and determination of value. It is normal for goods whose value identifier is registered, after entering the 4-digit value identifier code at the time of declaration, the customs expert only to match the specifications of the declared goods and the registered goods, and this increases the speed and minimizes the processing time. “It will be valued and tariffed.”

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