Investigating the effective factors on customer satisfaction and customer satisfaction
Investigating the effective factors on customer satisfaction and customer satisfaction

خانه Investigating the effective factors on customer satisfaction and customer satisfaction

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Investigating the effective factors on customer satisfaction and customer satisfaction

Investigating the effective factors on customer satisfaction and customer satisfaction

Investigating the Factors Affecting Customer Satisfaction and Satisfaction: Today, no institution can survive unless it can attract and retain a sufficient number of knowledgeable and punctual customers. Struggling in this way keeps the mind busy as the competition intensifies and becomes more brutal with each passing moment. Effective customer management is critical to the success of airlines around the world. That is why the importance of the quality of services provided and their prioritization based on the wishes of passengers by measuring their satisfaction can be a great help in maintaining the survival of airlines in this volatile market. In this article, which is the result of a research project, the factors affecting the satisfaction of passengers of domestic flights of the Islamic Republic Airlines and their satisfaction with these factors have been identified and measured.

Manufacturing or service organizations consider customer satisfaction as an important criterion for measuring the quality of their work, and this trend is still increasing. Customer importance and satisfaction is something that goes back to global competition. Customer satisfaction is one of the main dimensions of quality management systems and organizational excellence models such as Malcolm Baldrige, EFQM, QFD quality performance development, TQM TQM and CSI customer satisfaction index. In this article, after introducing different models of measuring customer satisfaction, the indicators of each have been compared.

Customer satisfaction is the customer’s feeling or attitude towards a product or service after using it. In other words, the buyer enjoys or dislikes the performance of the product and service after comparing the performance (or result of the performance) of the product or service purchased compared to what he expected. Satisfaction / dissatisfaction is an emotional response given to the evaluation of a good or service that has been consumed or provided. Satisfaction is the customer evaluation of a product or service, depending on whether the product or service has met the needs and expectations of customers or not? Failure to meet needs and expectations will lead to dissatisfaction with the product or service.
According to the definition of satisfaction, the answer is the realization and success of the consumer. It is a judgment as to whether the feature of a product or service or the product or service itself has provided an enjoyable level of consumption-related success, and includes a level of realization above and below. Customer satisfaction is achieved as a result of customer perception during a transaction or value relationship so that the price is equal to the ratio of the quality of services provided to the price and costs of the customer. In the marketing literature, it is stated that customer satisfaction has two dimensions: perceived quality and expectations. A review of the existing literature on customer satisfaction shows a great variety in the definition of this issue. But when viewed as a whole, there are commonalities in all definitions, which are: Customer satisfaction is actually an answer (emotional or rational), this answer emphasizes a particular case (expectations, goods, services, etc.) And it happens at a certain time (after consumption, after the decision to buy, etc.).

Customer satisfaction through repeated purchases, new product purchases and purchase of goods by new customers who have become interested in the product through satisfied customers, leads to increased revenue and profit. In fact, customers who are very satisfied with the organization, transfer their positive experiences to others, and thus become a means of advertising for the organization and thus reduce the cost of attracting customers. Profit in business requires the return of customers who are proud of having the goods or services of the company and encourage their friends to consume the goods or services of the company. Therefore, it can be claimed that customer satisfaction leads to customer loyalty and as a result increases the company’s reputation and credibility also increases the company’s profitability. Customer satisfaction is achieved when the customer’s true desire is met and his needs are met at a specific time and in the way he wants. So the first principle in today’s business world is to create customer-friendly values. So satisfied customers are the source of companies’ profits. Companies that can not keep customers satisfied will not remain in the market in the long run. Offering high quality products and providing excellent customer service continuously creates competitive advantages for the company, including creating competitive barriers for competitors, customer loyalty, producing and delivering distinctive products, reducing marketing costs and pricing Higher. Finally, there is an ethical point about quality, and that is that customers pay us to meet their expectations, and we are responsible for them.

They identified the value of retaining more customers for different industries. The researchers showed that coping with the loss of only five percent of customers, between 25 percent and 85 percent, depending on the type of industry, will increase the annual revenue for the supplier organization. In general, customer satisfaction is the main condition for customer retention, although it is possible to improve customer retention even by paying more attention to customer satisfaction. Customer satisfaction also increases the length of the customer survival period. In addition, focusing on the principle of customer satisfaction will minimize the spread of negative messages by dissatisfied customers of the organization. In this case and for this reason, customer satisfaction should be measured and converted into a number of measurable parameters. Customer satisfaction measurement may be considered as the most reliable feedback system that provides an effective, direct, meaningful and realistic method of identifying customer expectations and priorities. In this way, customer satisfaction provides a standard of performance and a possible standard of excellence for any business organization. The best way to achieve this in the organization is to recognize the interests, needs, wants and awareness of the views, suggestions and criticisms of the employees of the organization (because the provision of services and activities of the organization is done through them and in terms of direct relationship with the activities of the organization The existing problems and shortcomings are more and better aware) and the people (customers) who benefit from a kind of services of the organization and by purchasing and enjoying the services, cause the survival of the organization and create benefits for it.

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