Export packaging, opportunity or threat
Export packaging, opportunity or threat

خانه Export packaging, opportunity or threat

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Export packaging, opportunity or threat

Export packaging, opportunity or threat

Proper packaging motivates producers to produce and to some extent protects them against imitators’ competitors, and ultimately provides more variety and choice for the customer. Packaging is a kind of employment opportunity and an important helper for the efficiency of customer relationship management (CRM) and the effectiveness of exports in order to convey the message to the buyer. Proper packaging design seeks comfort for the consumer and promotional value and profit for the producer. Various factors contribute to the increasing use of packaging as a marketing tool, including self-service in department stores, shopping convenience (accessibility and reliability) for the consumer, creating a mental image of the company and the brand, and an opportunity for innovation. For an export product manufacturer, the first step is to determine the concept of packaging, which determines what the packaging should look like, what it should do for a particular product, whether the main purpose of packaging is product care or to introduce a new and innovative method of content distribution. Or is it responsible for conveying a message about the product or company, or did it have another purpose? After determining the concept of packaging, other elements of packaging such as size, shape, raw materials and color should be considered and matched, and finally pre-sale tests should be performed.

Performing the intermediary test in order to ensure that it is attractive enough in the face and product selection, as well as the consumer test with the aim of ensuring that the consumer’s reaction to the packaging is positive and favorable, and it is very questionable to use these tests. We have seen less in our country. Optimal sales management is essential for the health of the economic system of countries and the success of face-to-face sales has a direct effect on the overall success of the company’s marketing, in other words, face-to-face sales management can be called the heart of marketing management. Considering that in the present era, it has passed the stage of introducing the product to the global markets and the best way to enter the unknown marketing is indirect export, which has less risk compared to other methods, and on the other hand, face-to-face sales require costs for the company. Therefore, one of the significant factors in marketing in order to fill the gap of the impact of personal salesmen of the company, strengthening the proper appearance of packaging and sorting in accordance with international standards (ISO) as a visual factor of product marketing. Packaging is referred to as the silent seller, and in most advertisements the bulk of the cost is spent on delivering the message to people who are not actually potential customers, which will be somewhat alleviated by enhancing the appearance of the packaging. And is usually the first thing that the consumer analyzes in mind when confronted with the product, is the form of packaging so that it is said that proper packaging can be the effectiveness of an advertisement? Evoke a second in their minds. Packaging is one of the effective motivational factors in the growth of export societies, which in addition to attracting a kind of role of product identification, the attractiveness of the product should be such that it is difficult to imitate it. . Inserting complete product information on the packaging, attractive appearance, ease of transportation, storage and climatic conditions, ease of opening and use of the product are the features of a suitable packaging. As packaging is costly, on the other hand, it creates added value in the product which can mitigate these costs to some extent.

Packaging is a part of a company’s value chain that ultimately helps increase the company’s ultimate value.

Packaging is a part of a company’s value chain that ultimately helps to increase the final value of the company so that there is a significant positive correlation between the superior quality of the product and the return on investment (ROI) of the company. It should be noted that this quality upgrade in the packaging industry is permissible up to a certain point and from that point on, it will have nothing but wasting costs and eliminating the production cycle of that product. Following this, a value-based pricing strategy as well as prestige pricing apply to the company’s products. This type of pricing is a way to develop the activities of exporters who are not willing to spend money on packaging their products. The immoral phenomenon of dumping, which is now affecting international trade, has also penetrated the packaging industry, so that the operating country, in order to penetrate the markets and sometimes harm competitors, has spent high costs on the attractive and attractive packaging of certain products, even if the product is The opinion does not have a qualitative value and optimal application, so that it creates negative characteristics at the head-to-head point and cleverly causes buyers to make stereotypical errors. Commodity-specific packaging and incentive activities regarding export packaging with the aim of marketing the conversion of export products are important. Their close relationship with new techniques (for traveling to different parts of the world and participating in specialized seminars) had an irresponsible approach in the process of export packaging and subsequently we saw that many products were not accepted in accordance with domestic standards accepted by cross-border communities and exported. They are based on a harmful public strategy and need a revitalizing marketing. On the other hand, many manufacturers continue to suffer from document errors, citing the recession as the only cause of decline and inability to export their products, unaware that they have many incentives to sell, including packaging.

Experts in the packaging industry should use the existing potentials to design based on the analysis of consumer needs and then the economic and technical feasibility. Considering that today it has become an inevitable necessity to get out of the economic stagnation of exports, penetration in global markets in order to increase sales and profits requires the use of internal marketing principles along with accuracy and sharpness. Creating a strong mental image of exports requires a lot of invention, innovation and perseverance, and given that consumers tend to maintain an optimal level of stimulation, it is necessary to focus on the appearance of packaging (according to quality and product use). . The packaging and clothing of a product can indicate the position of the product (cost-effectiveness, reliability, durability and other common features) in the market. Positioning is an example of motivational management (PERMS) and in fact with proper design and packaging, a kind of coding in the message transmission process and a kind of loyalty in the consumer can be created and a unique communication model can be determined for each product. And employed. Product selection by consumers is largely based on symbolic values, habits, tastes and consumption culture, to the extent that brand and color are among them, and this issue should not always be out of sight of manufacturers. Packaging is the ultimate winner in the sales market, and minor but permanent changes must be made to keep the packaging up to date. The psychology of colors is also one of the topics related to the subject. It is possible that different colors in different countries may have many positive and negative meanings and interpretations of the culture of consumption in that society, as we have seen. High quality products and proper packaging. But coloring, contrary to the culture of consumption of the target market, has not been able to market. Other important issues in the consumption culture of societies are the appearance and ease of use, so that due to the existence of packaging costs and lack of taste by the manufacturer, products are exported in bulk and in the second country according to the consumption culture of packaging and It has been exported with the brand of that country and they have created a so-called gray market.

The truth of this is evident in the field of food exports. Therefore, in order to reduce cultural conflicts, packaging companies must be constantly familiar with the behavioral, cultural and social patterns of customers and consumers in different markets so that while observing the principles of green packaging (optimal use of time and cost), they can produce more suitable products than competitors. Desirable to provide for each of the specific cultural groups. Building a platform in this regard in order to be close to global markets requires a continuous and sustainable strategy. It is important that despite the formulation and collection of rich justification plans and theories presented by experts, there is no obvious support and sufficient executive guarantee from the relevant organizations in this regard and often the quantity of the proposed plans is considered and the starting point for operation is comprehensive. The implementation of the mentioned plans is not visible. It is hoped that domestic manufacturing units will move into agile assemblies to increase capability and success in changing and evolving global markets so that in markets with a wide range of profitable products and short life patterns and individual and optional orders with as much variety as possible. Issue.


  • Establishment and allocation of subsidies by the government to producers to access first-class raw materials and advanced packaging machinery at a reasonable price.
  • Requiring production units to attract and employ experts in the processing and packaging industries in order to review and confirm the quality of product compliance, which in a way is effective in solving employment problems.
  • Requiring production units to document each unit in the packaging of goods following the implementation of the goods coding plan.
  • Training and justification of business delegations sent to the target countries to become more specialized in marketing and require the presence of a consumer behavior expert in the team.
  • Holding packaged training courses in accordance with international standards (EEC) in order to create a culture, increase the level of skills and technical knowledge of people in line with the latest technology in the world.
  • Holding more and more specialized seminars on packaging and interaction with university graduates continuously and purposefully.
  • Encourage the best units in the processing and packaging industries, as well as strengthen specialized clinics in the Trade Development Organization.
  • Focus on complying with the provisions of mandatory standards for special packaging of manufactured goods for export.
  • Establishment of specialized clusters of packaging industry in cities on a small scale to facilitate access to local producers, communication and consulting.
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