Packaging of goods with export attitude
Packaging of goods with export attitude

خانه Packaging of goods with export attitude

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Packaging of goods with export attitude

Packaging of goods with export attitude


What is packaging?

The art of packaging dates back to the lifespan of the human race. Packaging has made sense since the caveman wrapped the rest of the prey in the leaves of the trees for longer storage. But the American Packaging Institute, in its Packaging Dictionary, defines it as: holding products, items, or packages in a bag, box, cup, tray, can, tube, bottle, or other form of container. Be able to perform one of the following major actions.

– In pick up for shipping and use of the product
– protection
– data transfer

What is a successful package?

The design of a package consists of formal and three-dimensional features and its visual and graphic elements. Both groups of factors play an important role in a package. Together, these factors create the conditions to attract the buyer’s attention. The study of structural and functional characteristics of a package is very broad and specialized. But in the title selection stage, it is better to examine the visual and two-dimensional factors.

Visual and graphic performance in the packaging of a food product, in addition to informing and introducing, should also play the role of advertising and marketing for their product. Each package can act independently as a brochure, poster and display stand. That is, it is so complete, attractive, and consciously designed that it can persuade a buyer who does not know the product and does not have enough information about it. In other words, successful packaging must sell its own product.

Such a view of packaging makes it a dynamic product, with value independent of the product inside it, and makes it worthy of more attention, research and more energy in design.
Packaging is one of the sub-categories of marketing that in Iran, the meaning and concept of goods and packaging and marketing are not well understood. Few communication phenomena such as packaging have both characteristics of individual and social attraction, and from this point of view, the packaging industry in each country represents the growth of market structures and its production. Packaging is inherently a carrier that can perform the task of protecting packaged goods against factors of destruction, corruption, etc., and in addition, provide the ability to transport any goods.

Innovation and creativity in technical and artistic fields can make the product interesting for sale in the market and from this point of view establish a new relationship between the product and the consumer. The range of products ranges from research to marketing and consumer satisfaction, but this range is not well understood. Different fields of packaging as an academic discipline should be established in the faculties of graphics, management and marketing, engineering design, etc. Experts estimate that Iran’s population will increase from about 70 million in 2014 to about 130 million in 2025, making Iran the 15th most populous country in the world. Food production for this large population requires extensive and careful planning. Despite the great talents of the vast country of Iran, in order to expand the area under cultivation and the large amount of various agricultural products and God-given blessings, the officials should have a more accurate foresight.

Packaging of export products

The cost of packaging in the food industry is usually about 10 to 15 percent of the cost of goods, but in Iran this figure reaches 35 to 50 percent and sometimes even more. Proper packaging can add up to 90% of added value. However, not paying attention to this issue has caused that most of the value added of Iran’s export products, which are generally exported in bulk, will be repackaged in intermediate countries by the packaging industries of these countries.

Purpose of export packaging

Packaging should be as simple and inexpensive as possible, while also having the primary purpose of packaging, namely protection and attractiveness. The main purpose of export packaging is to minimize the risks to the product during storage, transportation and distribution. Therefore, careful consideration should be given to the various links in the distribution chain in order to address the pervasive risks with the necessary predictions. In this way, export packaging can be considered acceptable throughout the distribution chain (from the beginning to the end).

The final steps in product production are distribution, distribution, retail and sales to the final consumer. Different countries have different customs and habits, institutions and ministries. One type of packaging alone will not be able to meet all possible needs. When choosing a type of packaging for retail, keep in mind that packaging is one of the marketing tools and its effectiveness depends on the choice of market.

The need to pay attention to the export packaging of products

Helping self-sufficiency, helping to reduce waste, especially in agricultural products, returning the added value of agricultural products, supporting the activities of the country’s manufacturing sector, creating employment, having a competitive advantage, creating more diversity in production, maintaining and storing longer, helping Explains the need to pay attention to the export packaging of the country’s products to increase the quality of non-oil goods and ….

Challenges and problems in export packaging

Lack of proper packaging leads to billions of rials in financial losses annually.

Export of products such as saffron, dates and pistachios in bulk and their packaging in intermediary countries under the brand of other countries
Increased packaging costs in Iran due to the existence of high tariffs and customs duties for packaging raw materials
Improper packaging has made Iran a monopoly country for exports
Southeastern Gulf countries, including the UAE, invest in the packaging industry, making Iran the largest target market in the region.
Poor food packaging quality due to lack of use of new technologies to compete in export markets
Lack of comprehensive planning in packaging design for the global consumption pattern
Lack of familiarity of exporters in the use of packaging in trade development
Lack of supervision and control over the packaging of export goods
Lack of competition among exporters of Iranian goods
Lack of diversity in the export packaging of Iranian goods
Low quality packaging of Iranian goods

One of the major problems of packaging in Iran is the high cost of packaging.

Aging and worn-out production machines are other problems of this industry. Old and worn machines can not meet today’s needs in terms of accuracy and speed of quality.
Another problem is the lack of need and instability of financial, foreign exchange, customs and export laws and regulations, which the industry owner does not have confidence in the durability of regulations even for a year and can not plan for the future.

The other is that the production workshops are not aware of domestic and international standards and do not comply with them. The safety and health problems of our workshops are many. In the case of workshops, the level of expertise is low and there is no necessary knowledge and insight.

A pure idea in a good package

Graphics are used among the general public as equivalent to advertising. However, advertising is one of the applications of this art. In dealing with graphic art with two main branches:
Artistic graphics
Graphic design

Each of these two can be divided into several sub-disciplines, and yet they can not be considered separately. In artistic graphics, the aesthetic aspect and the artistic nature of the work as a whole is superior to other elements.

In contrast, graphic design, in addition to paying attention to aesthetic elements, targets the applied aspect of graphic art and therefore it is also called applied graphics. Unlike graphic art, in which the audience goes to galleries and exhibitions to see the work, in applied graphics, it is the graphic art itself that goes into the community and is directly exposed to the eyes of the people. Advertising is a part of applied graphic art that is more reflected in posters, TV commercials, urban advertisements, etc.

Another sub-branch of applied graphic art is packaging design, which can also be considered in advertising. Packaging design simultaneously employs art, science and technology to have a projectable effect on the critical eye of the people.

The art of packaging design can be considered as one of the most sensitive sub-branches of applied graphics, because consumer and producer satisfaction must be considered by the design artist along with the scientific principles of design. The art of packaging design has penetrated into the daily lives of human beings.

From the packaging of washing machine powders to the packaging of food, cosmetics and clothing, the presence of graphic designer taste is felt in our lives. In designing the packaging of a product, it is necessary to pay attention to a few points. Protection and non-damage to the product is the first point that should be considered in packaging design. In many cases, in addition to familiarity with artistic techniques and knowledge of color psychology, the designer must also be aware of the properties of the protective materials used in the manufacture of packaging.

The packaging of a product should be such that it informs the audience of its contents. Therefore, the graphic designer must, in addition to paying attention to the degree of placement of the product in the presence of heat, cold, etc., allow the buyer to see the product. Color selection is one of the main pillars of packaging design. Each material and product requires its own color and the designer must choose the color with knowledge and information. Packaging design is one of the most important sub-fields of advertising art and plays a valuable role in the economic flow of societies. Export of goods depends more on good packaging design and buyer satisfaction than on product quality.

In designing packaging, another part of graphic art also helps the designer, and that is commercial and international logos. According to international standards, fixed signs have been registered to warn and attract the attention of the consumer, which the designer uses in packaging depending on the type of product.
One of the most important factors in sales and success in the commercial market today is the art of packaging. The importance of this branch of graphic art is such that in some non-producing countries, only a good packaging design for an imported good puts the name of that country among the producers of that good and ultimately its export. This means that the world today is not only thirsty for the production of goods, but it is the production of art that drives economic cycles.
The art of packaging dates back to the lifespan of the human race. Packaging was born when the remaining caveman wrapped the remaining prey in the leaves of trees for longer storage.

The packaging of the red light is against the stop of passers-by in front of the retail store window and it is rightly known as the silent seller. Packaging is the face of the product because the customer identifies the product through the packaging. The packaging conveys the manufacturer’s message to the buyer and communicates and informs them. Packaging gives the product personality and is responsible for protecting the product.

A number of marketing theorists refer to packaging as the fifth controllable variable in the market (along with product, price, location and promotion). Today, packaging has been introduced as an industry in the world and has various sub-categories in This industry is defined. In some cases, the packaging is reused after consuming the original content. Or this is discarded after consumption.

Companies and governments benefit from packaging to increase their competitiveness in domestic and foreign markets.
It should be noted that the cost of packaging should not be so high as to make the selling price of goods incomparable to similar goods. Rather, it should be designed so that the product is easy to access and easily portable, does not damage the product itself and is in accordance with the standards, regulations of the market and the target country. Consumables must also be recyclable, and not harm the environment. The packaging must be in harmony with the climatic conditions of the target country. The culture, tastes and habits of buyers in the target country should be considered and adapted to the structure of the retail market and the level of income and purchasing power of customers should be considered.

In general, in product packaging, two main aspects of practicality and attractiveness should be considered. The main purpose of preparing the package is to preserve the properties of the products and easy access to the contents of the package. In addition, each of the distribution and consumption factors also have expectations from the packaging. Retailers, for example, need a package that is easily visible to buyers or displayed in different sizes and is tailored to the purchasing power of different customers. Consumers also like a type of packaging that is easily portable and easily accessible to its contents.

In a general summary, the characteristics of a good package can be listed as follows:

Be impressive at the point of sale and supply. Among the many products, it attracts the buyer and makes it a lasting symbol
Assure the customer that he meets his needs. (Achieving this goal requires accurate knowledge of the needs of the audience)
Be quickly and easily recognizable among other products
Images and colors indicate the quality and properties of the product inside the package
The writings should contain sufficient and necessary information about the product specifications
Important titles and content should be in a place of packaging that can be seen and read quickly and at first glance
The choice of images, colors, text, slogans and symbols should be done completely consciously and according to the marketing goal.
Ensure high health and nutritional value
It should be attractive enough for the buyer to keep and reuse the packaging (provided it is designed for another functional packaging after the first use).


If all of the above points are examined in a single field of study and detailed descriptions of each are presented on paper, the export packaging scheme summary will not only be comprehensive but will probably take up many pages as well. This is very fruitful for a commercial commodity manager who is familiar with the subtleties of the market, and the design is probably a great standard. The design summary, however, can be very detailed for export designers who only care about images. Once the factors are listed, it’s worth summarizing the content and presenting a focused design to the design firm. The design company can also summarize the design, but this may emphasize less important issues.

The role of successful printing and packaging of a product in exports, entering global markets and thus increasing the added value of manufactured goods is undeniable. At the same time, our domestic industries seem to be largely deprived of having such a successful technology. Of course, this deprivation may not mean it at all, but in any case, the weakness of the current steps of our producers in this field indicates that the country is lagging behind the global caravan of this industry. Today, one of the most important factors in sales and success in the commercial market is paying attention to the art of design and packaging. The importance of this branch of graphic art is such that in some non-producing countries, only a good packaging design for an imported good puts the name of that country among the producers of that good and ultimately its export. This means that the world today is not only thirsty for the production of goods, but it is the production of art that drives economic cycles. Improper packaging and design, low quality packaging of Iranian goods, has made Iran a single country in exports. Remember that packaging design and graphic design is one of the marketing tools and its effectiveness depends on the choice of the target market.

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