Iran and Lebanon emphasize preferential trade
Iran and Lebanon emphasize preferential trade

خانه Iran and Lebanon emphasize preferential trade

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Iran and Lebanon emphasize preferential trade

Iran and Lebanon emphasize preferential trade

A joint meeting of Iranian and Lebanese government officials, businessmen and businessmen chaired by the Deputy Minister of Industry, Mines and Trade and the Chairman of the Trade Development Organization of Iran, emphasizing the expansion of trade relations, preferential trade, maritime transport development, resumption of banking relations and joint ventures. According to the public relations of the Development Organization, Mojtaba Khosrotaj said in this meeting: “Preferential trade should be implemented to increase the economic relations between the two countries.” In this meeting, we also seek to identify and resolve existing problems.


Khosrotaj considered preferential trade as a factor in increasing the volume of trade between Tehran and Beirut and noted: Lebanon has preferential trade agreements with many European and African countries, so if we seek to develop relations, we must also provide this platform between the two countries to economic enterprises. Operate in a competitive environment. This issue should be considered in the Joint Economic Commission of Iran and Lebanon and the list of preferred goods should be agreed between the two countries. Emphasizing the pivotal role of governments in expanding relations between the two countries, Lebanese Minister of Industry Hussein Al-Haj Hassan said: “I hope the preferential bilateral trade will take place as soon as possible, because the removal of customs duties will provide a competitive environment for more goods and products.” “Lebanon can be a hub for the development of Iranian relations in Asia and Africa,” he said. .

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