Transducer and transmitter
Transducer and transmitter

خانه Transducer and transmitter

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Transducer and transmitter

Transducer and transmitter

What is a transducer and transmitter?

What is a transducer?

Industrial transducers or converters are used to convert various analog and temperature quantities into standard voltage and current signals, as well as to isolate signals. The presence of an isolator amplifier in the circuits of such equipment prevents the effect of noise at the supply voltage or the signal itself at the output.

In general, transducers can be classified as follows:

Converter voltage / current (AC or DC) to voltage / current
Converter of temperature sensor (thermocouple or RTD) to voltage / current
Voltage and current insulator

The output of some converters is selectable or programmable. In this way, the user can adjust and calibrate all the parameters of the converter by the relevant software.

What is a transmitter?

The transmitter is a combination of the words TRANSFER and METER. That is, equipment that can measure a physical quantity and move it to a farther place, such as a control room.

The transmitter can be pneumatic or electronic. In both cases, the transmitted signal is standard and can be understood for the equipment in the LOOP control. TRANSMITTER is sent to electronic and pneumatic controllers. Isolated transmitter (TRANSMITTER) is used to convert various types of analog signals with excellent accuracy and quality.

Supports all signals and different measurement ranges including 4 to 20 mA DC signal, 0 to 20 mA DC, 0 to 5 V DC, 0 to 10 V DC, Thermocouple types J, K, B , R, S, T, E, N, RTD and PT100 types, Potentiometer, Resistance. Completely isolated input and output against noise and power fluctuations, filtering and signal amplification are important points in the transmitter.

The output obtained from the transmitters can be used in monitors, PLC systems and all control equipments and today the transmitters are widely used in oil, gas, petrochemical, steel, cement, casting, pharmaceutical, medical engineering and so on. The generality of any system that Needs industrial automation, found.

Building Transmitters

In general, transmitters consist of three main parts: sensor, converter (transducer) and amplifier. Transmitters are made in electrical and pneumatic types. To calibrate or calibrate the transmitters, we adjust the output according to the manufacturer’s instructions by giving specific inputs.

Application of transmitters

Sensors and transmitters are components of an industrial process that have many applications in various processes. Today, it is widely used in oil, gas, petrochemical, steel, cement, foundry, pharmaceutical, medical engineering and in general any system that needs industrial automation. The main application of these components is to evaluate the performance of the system and provide feedback with the appropriate amount and status, so that the system controller will understand its operation status and how the output mode.

What is a pressure transmitter?

Pressure transmitter (Pressure transmitter, pressure transmitter, pressure transmitter) is one of the most widely used equipment for controlling industrial processes, which is often used to measure the pressure of gas or liquid.

A transducer is a device whose job is to convert energy states into each other, that is, if we have a pressure sensor with the transducer, the parameter is measured by the pressure sensor and the specified value is delivered to the best transducer, then the transducer to one Converts an electrical signal that can be understood by the controller and sent by metal wires. As a result, the output of a transducer is always an electrical signal that can change electrical properties and parameters such as voltage, current and frequency on the other side of the line. And can, for example, convert the measured temperature into a very weak signal that is then input to the transducer and then delivered to the electronic circuits.

Pressure transmitter is used both in pressure control and display of pressure values ​​and as a transmitter of liquid level values ​​in tanks and is used in differential models (pressure difference transmitter) in monitoring and control. This equipment if in the type of models They have a cheap price. The pressure transmitter uses different mechanisms to accurately measure the pressure, which in most models of the strain gauge type is used in the sensor element of the transmitter. Another point is the accuracy of the equipment, which in precision or advanced laboratory transmitters is up to twenty-five percent or higher, and in normal models up to half a percent.

h Types of pressure transmitters

Pressure transmitter with display

  • • Pressure transmitter for explosive environments

Explosion-proof pressure switch for Class One and Two, and zones or areas of this range in a range from vacuum to pressure. In the selected code, you can specify the process connection, the type of sensor, and the range, and even the type of output switch. Pressure switches are very important in industry due to the safety requirements of high pressure and the dangers that this pressure poses to individuals and factories and are widely used in most industrial processes, chemical, refining, oil and gas and petrochemical.

Differential pressure transmitter

  • The pressure difference transmitter is used in cases where the pressure difference between points and points needs to be measured electrically and converted into a transmissible signal.

    • Intelligent pressure transmitter


    Low pressure transmitter

    • Industrial pressure transmitter

    • Pressure transmitter

  • There is also a set of pressure transmitters designed to measure the dynamic shape of fast changes. An example of the use of this type of pressure transmitters is measuring the combustion pressure of the engine cylinder or turbine gas.The following points should be considered in choosing pressure transmitters.Negative or positive pressure
    Instrument accuracy
    Absolute or relative pressure
    Measurement range
    Type of output required
    Type of material corrosion
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