Clearance of goods
Clearance of goods

خانه Clearance of goods

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Clearance of goods

What is clearance?

Clearance of goods or clearanc is a process that is done by work clearanc as the legal representative of the owner of the goods in customs for export or import of goods and during that the goods are removed from customs places after performing the relevant customs formalities. The clearance process includes the preparation and registration of documents, whether physical or electronic, and the calculation of costs, including taxes, commercial profits and customs duties, and other facilities provided to importers and exporters.


Clearance of goods in Iran

Clearanc of goods in Iran means the preparation and submission of documents, including the necessary permits for clearance of goods. Standard licenses, health, Ministry of Guidance and Children’s Intellectual Development Center, Atomic Energy Organization, Ministry of Communications and Communications, Counter Narcotics, Border quarantine and vegetable quarantine and any other mandatory license and of course the license of the Ministry of Roads to all goods with non-fleet Iranians have undertaken their international transportation, which includes paying 10% of the freight.

Clearance of goods also includes the shipment of goods to the final destination within the country. Many of its clerics specialize in areas such as the metal, chemical, and machinery and raw materials industries. Clearanc workers are usually concentrated at ports and airports or in free zones.

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