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Thermocouples: Thermocouples are temperature sensors and are used to measure temperatures in different parts, which are as follows:

A: Measurement interval

Thermocouples measure from -270 ° C to +1800 ° C.

B: Sensor output

The output of the thermocouple sensor is voltage (from one microvolt to 50 mV)

A: In terms of price:

Thermocouples are usually cheaper than other temperature measurement sensors.

* Things to consider when ordering and buying a thermocouple are:

The calculation of the thermocouple temperature range and the choice of its type should be considered.
Calculate the diameter of the thermocouple sheath.
The size and length of the pod should be calculated.
Select the type of connection suitable for installing the thermocouple on site (flange or gear type)
Identify the type of fluid in which the sensor is to be installed. (Check the type of corrosion and ….. based on which the material of the thermocouple sheath can be determined.)
Check the local working pressure where the sensor wants to be installed and select the appropriate standard for the thickness of the thermocouple sheath and the construction of the thermocouple.
How to transmit the thermocouple signal to the control room and based on that, select the transmitter and the type of signal transmitter.
In the end, the best option for choosing the type of thermocouple is to draw a map for it, and all the above-mentioned items must be specified in it.

The picture below shows the types of thermocouples.

An example of thermocouple drawings is in the figure below.


In the pictures below, you can see examples of thermowells.

Thermocouples are divided into the following types:

– K-type thermocouple

– Thermocouple type J

– Type T thermocouple

– Type E thermocouple

– Remocopy type N

– Type B thermocouple

– Type R thermocouple

– Type S thermocouple

Note: This classification is based on the sensitivity of the equipment and its applications.

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