ISO 31000- Risk management
ISO 31000- Risk management

خانه ISO 31000- Risk management

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ISO 31000- Risk management

ISO 31000- Risk management

Risks affecting organizations can have detrimental consequences for the organization. These include detrimental economic consequences, damage to professional reputation, environmental, security and social consequences.

ISO 31000

ISO 31000: 2009 or risk management includes the rules and guidelines, frameworks and processes of risk management. ISO 31000 standard can be used for any organization regardless of size, size, type and scope of activity.

Using this standard helps organizations to achieve goals, identify threats and opportunities, find and use resources to deal with risk. Of course, this standard can not be used as a certification, but it creates guidelines for the organization’s internal and external audit programs. Organizations that use this ISO can compare their risk management practices with global examples and develop principles for effective organizational management.

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