Definition of imports
Definition of imports

خانه Definition of imports

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Definition of imports

Definition of imports

Imports are goods that are made or supplied in a country or countries and imported into another country through trade. Usually, because some countries are not able to provide some goods or are not economically viable, they use imported goods to meet their needs. Climatic conditions and weather conditions are among the factors that determine the necessity and amount of imports. For example, because the development of tropical or tropical plants and fruits is not possible for temperate or cold countries, so by importing such fruits, they meet the needs of the inhabitants of these countries. The issue of specialization, labor and land capability are also among the factors affecting the amount of imports. Most countries, in return for imports, export the goods they supply domestically to other countries, and try to strike a good balance between imports and exports at least, and try to increase their exports over their imports. In general, a healthy economy is one in which exports outweigh imports. In the case of strategic commodities such as oil and gas, the determination of imports or exports is based on political principles and events.

Ten goods that have the most imports to Iran in the “first half of the year ????” And their dollar value and import rank have been compared with the same period of the previous year (the first half of the year 92), are:


Vehicles with internal combustion piston engines with spark cylinders with a volume of more than one thousand five hundred cubic meters but not more than three thousand cubic centimeters

? – Indian and Pakistani rice


Soybean meal is a solid residue that remains after oiling of oilseeds, which is mainly consumed as animal feed.

Iron products, flat or hot-rolled non-ferrous iron or steel products in the form of scrolls

? – Receiver devices, mobile transmitter

? -Sugar refined

? – Display module consisting of LCD or LED plasma screen

?? – Frozen meat.

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