New changes in the budget for 2016
New changes in the budget for 2016

خانه New changes in the budget for 2016

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New changes in the budget for 2016

New changes in the budget for 2016

The Parliamentary Integration Commission, after receiving the reports of the specialized commissions and the studies conducted about the past month, presented its report on the 2016 budget bill for consideration in the open court of the parliament and the finalization of the budget. Reviews and comparisons of the published text with the original text of the budget bill show some of the changes made to the Consolidation Commission. Among other things, the share of the National Development Fund in oil and gas exports has been set at 30 percent, instead of the government’s proposed figure of 20 percent; The amount of absenteeism required for purchases or fines for military service, instead of the government’s offer of 5 years, is set at 8 years, similar to last year, or the payment of subsidies to the needy is considered a crime that will result in double fines. The report is said to be due to be considered in the open court of parliament this week before being sent to the Guardian Council for approval. Some of the important points of the report of the Consolidation Commission of the budget bill are reviewed below.

This week’s agenda is public

On the first working day after the Nowruz holiday of the new year, the Parliamentary Integration Commission published the full text of its report on the 2016 budget bill. According to reports, the review of this report is scheduled to be on the agenda of the parliament this week. According to the internal regulations of the parliament, the Joint Commission is formed “in order to regulate the principles and provisions of development programs and budget bills of the whole country and to establish coordination between specialized commissions, after the relevant bill is submitted to the parliament by the government”. The annual budget of the whole country continues. In other words, the Parliamentary Integration Commission is a kind of think tank for reviewing the budget before it is presented in public, and most of the expert discussions about the budget are discussed in this commission. Currently, Elias Naderan, Tehran’s representative in the ninth parliament, is chairing the commission. He is not in the group elected by the people of Tehran in the next parliament and will be in charge of representation until June. The published report of the budget bill contains a single article and 22 notes, along with 12 additional notes, which include changes to the initial budget bill submitted by the government.

Increase the share of the National Development Fund

According to a single article in the report of the Joint Commission, the share of the National Development Fund in oil and gas exports has been set at 30%. In the original bill, however, this share was set at 20 percent. The commission’s report has completely deleted the first note of the budget bill, which would have allowed the National Development Fund to invest $ 4.8 billion through the payment of facilities in joint oil and gas fields. However, the revisions of the Joint Commission did not change the $ 200 million provided for in Note 4 of the Budget Bill for “Support for Knowledge-Based Companies”. In recent years, some experts have considered the existing mechanisms to support knowledge-based companies ineffective and have warned against wasting resources and lack of transparency in the use of the country’s limited resources in this area.

A noteworthy point in the review of the Joint Commission is the addition of “public non-governmental organizations” to the institutions to which, according to paragraph (b) of Note 4 of the bill, the National Development Fund can grant foreign exchange facilities to invest in upstream oil and gas projects. Previously in the original bill, only “private or cooperative sector investors” were allowed to receive these facilities. The new license allows some public non-governmental organizations whose activities in the economy have always been criticized by the government, the private sector and experts to expand their activities in the oil industry. The report of the Joint Commission also added to Note 4 of the budget bill an additional clause that requires the National Development Fund to pay $ 400 million this year as facilities to the Agricultural Bank only for pressurized irrigation projects to the private and cooperative sectors.

Setting a ceiling for treasury bills

Consolidation Commission reviews, provisions of Note 5 of the budget to the issuance of 10 thousand billion Tomans of participation bonds by affiliated companies and subsidiaries of eight ministries and the Atomic Energy Organization, 5 thousand billion Tomans of Rial participation bonds by the government and 7 thousand billion Tomans of participation bonds by municipalities Pays, left unchanged. Also, the publication of Islamic treasury documents in the amount of 7.5 thousand billion Tomans by the government in the review of the Joint Commission is still established. However, the report of the Consolidation Commission has set a ceiling of 12.5 thousand billion Tomans for the issuance of “Treasury Settlement Bonds” which is to be paid by the government to settle the debts of the government to natural and legal persons with the demands of the government from the said persons. In the first additional paragraph of this note, a ceiling of one thousand billion Tomans has been set for the issuance of Islamic treasury bonds (with the aim of regulating the continuity of government payments).

Electricity money for radio

One of the debatable points in the amendments of the Joint Commission, which, of course, similar cases have been repeated many times in the past, is the allocation of a new expenditure area to paragraph “e” of Note 6 of the budget. This clause previously required the Ministry of Energy to receive an “additional” amount of 3 tomans per kilowatt hour of electricity consumed, and a maximum of 700 billion tomans “only to support the development and maintenance of rural electricity networks and the production of renewable and clean electricity. »Slow down. Meanwhile, in the revisions of the Joint Commission, the Ministry of Energy is obliged to allocate only up to 400 billion Tomans to the said cases and another 300 billion Tomans to the “Radio and Television Organization” (for maintenance and updating of radio and television equipment). With priority to deprived and less developed areas). This is something that can be discussed a lot about its fairness and efficiency.

Also, in the additional paragraph of Note 7 of the budget bill, it is stipulated that from the beginning of 2016, the price of each imported cigarette will be 40 Tomans, each co-produced cigarette will be 30 Tomans and each domestically produced cigarette will be 20 Tomans as additional “duties”. Be. Thus, except for smuggled cigarettes, it is expected to add 800 Tomans to the price of each pack (20 cotton) of imported cigarettes, 600 Tomans to co-produced cigarettes and 400 Tomans to domestic cigarettes. In the third additional paragraph of Note 9 of the budget, the government is obliged to provide free education for the students included in the relief committee in the universities and higher education centers and research institutes of the country.

The amount of absence required to purchase a soldier

In the review of the Joint Commission, the amount of absenteeism required for those serving in the public service has changed again to the level of last year, ie 8 years. This is while in the initial text of the budget bill, the period was set at 5 years. Meanwhile, the revisions of the Joint Commission have increased the ceiling of 3 trillion Tomans considered from this place to 3.5 thousand billion Tomans to be allocated for “strengthening the defense of the Armed Forces”. According to the report, the amount of the fine remained unchanged and was set at 10 million Tomans for undergraduate 10, diploma 15, post-diploma 20, bachelor’s 25, master’s degree 30, non-medical doctorate 35, medical doctorate 40 and specialist physicians and above. For each additional year of absence, 10% is added to the fine, and for each married and having each child, 5% of the fine is deducted.

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