Change of direction in imported goods from consumer goods to intermediate goods
Change of direction in imported goods from consumer goods to intermediate goods

خانه Change of direction in imported goods from consumer goods to intermediate goods

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Change of direction in imported goods from consumer goods to intermediate goods

Change of direction in imported goods from consumer goods to intermediate goods

Change in the direction of imported goods, the amount of imports of goods according to the announced statistics has decreased compared to the past, but this decrease has been influenced by several factors that need to be investigated.

Speaking to Exim News, the chairman of the Supreme Import Council said that imports have shifted from consumer goods to intermediate goods. “The published statistics show that 80% of the country’s imports of machinery and intermediate materials are in the production sector,” he said. . Unfortunately, due to the false propaganda about imports, it creates the nature that most of the country’s imports are imports of consumer goods.


Managhebi continued: “It is possible that all the products produced in the country are not enough for the needs of the people of the country or a new product has been produced outside the borders that the people of the country need. At this time, imports will take place.” In fact, imports are based on essential goods and services in accordance with defined procedures.

The chairman of the Supreme Council of Imports added: “In other words, when there is a mismatch between supply and demand in the country for various reasons, we have to go to countries that have these products or services or innovations, and accordingly, as much as is needed.” It supplied from outside the borders. But if the production meets the capacity of the country and on the other hand the market is saturated with domestic production, imports will no longer have a place; Because there is no market to accommodate imported items.

Referring to the orders of the Supreme Leader of the Revolution to ban the import of similar goods of domestic production, he said: “The statement of the Supreme Leader that similar domestic and high-quality goods should be banned is absolutely correct and logical;” Because there have been many products in the country for some time, some of which are better than their foreign counterparts, but unfortunately some people interpret and say this statement with their personal opinions and position. Is there a country that does not import?

In fact, if the import route is transparent, then imports will not be opposed in any way.

Managhebi, pointing out that in the 11th government, relations between Iran and other countries became closer, said: “After the nuclear deal and the nuclear agreement, we are in a situation where relations between Iran and other countries are easier economically, socially, culturally and scientifically.” It is getting closer now to our management.

According to him, in fact, imports are not problematic and on the other hand, they cause employment and meet the needs of society, but in the meantime, it is the issue of import management that is of great importance. In some parts imports need to be done and in some parts no; Thus, with the management of imports, uncontrolled imports can be reduced. The chairman of the Supreme Import Assembly stated: The import conditions in the 11th government are not much different from the previous governments. Since the principles and basis of imports are based on their own laws and are done according to it, it can not be claimed that in the 11th government, imports have increased. This statement of mine has nothing to do with smuggling. In my opinion, smuggling is illegal and the authorities should prevent it from entering as soon as possible. The best way to prevent smuggling is to facilitate legal imports and clarify its route. If the legal import is facilitated and people in this category feel safe in all respects, the role of smuggling will diminish.

Managhebi added: “On the other hand, smuggling of goods outside the national economy cycle imposes huge foreign exchange costs on the government, which often hinders the movement of the national economy and is excluded from government calculations.”

He points out that the impact of smuggling on the cost of official imports is twofold: first, it reduces the demand for goods in the domestic market; Thus, part of such goods is supplied through the smuggling of imported goods and its profits enter the black market outside the will and control of the government. Thus, the government’s revenue is reduced compared to the cost of legal imports of goods. On the other hand, the non-production of smuggled goods weakens the production of domestic goods, and some consumer goods imported through smuggling boost production and the government in the most insignificant areas inevitably. It forces the import of goods. Thus the government is forced to allocate special financial resources to be spent on imports to the import sector.

Regarding the change in the nature of import duties and tariffs in the 11th government, the chairman of the Supreme Import Council said: “There have been tariff changes in all governments.” In fact, tariffs are the most important source of government revenue after oil and taxes. Thus, tariffs are considered as the only tool to control imports and can be defined as a common language for all member countries of the World Customs Organization and the affairs of import, export, transportation, insurance, etc. Some people think that tariffs provide production security. Guarantees that if tariffs go down, factories will go bankrupt, such thinking is not true at all. Our country has the highest tariffs in the world among other countries. According to Managhebi, the increase in tariffs will increase the cost price of products and will have an adverse effect on domestic production. On the other hand, these products will not be able to compete in international competitions and will lose their position.

He added: “Thus, reforming infrastructure, structures and changing the attitude of managers and officials is the main need of our country, which should be paid more attention and priority, and this issue has nothing to do with past or current governments;” Because each of the governments is struggling with many problems. The government’s approach should be market stability and the constant change of tariffs causes market irregularities, so the trend of tariff changes should be reduced, there should be a competitive environment. To create domestic support and rationalize tariffs to provide support for domestic industry. Today, the amount of goods imported according to the announced statistics is less than in the past. Of course, this reduction has different factors.

According to him, one of the reasons for the decrease in the amount of imports is the recession with the increase in production or because people need to die because their pockets are smaller, but they are less looking for their needs because they can not provide it. And demand is taken into account and the economy can not be reformed by restraint, expansion, barrier and problem. As you can see, the use of these policies has led to higher and wider trafficking rates. Maybe domestic production does not meet the capacity and needs of society and in this regard can not meet the need. The authorities must create the conditions in such a way that the economy is on its transparent path. And if he steps on the right path, many of the problems we are struggling with will certainly disappear. On the other hand, the risk of smuggling should not be low, in fact, a policy should be considered that the cost of smuggling is more than the cost of transparent and legal cargo, which is being implemented today in reverse.

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