Change battery import conditions
Change battery import conditions

خانه Change battery import conditions

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Change battery import conditions

Change battery import conditions

According to Fanoos, quoted by Tasnim, Mohammad Reza Nematzadeh, Minister of Industry, Mines and Trade, sent a letter to his deputies in the trade affairs departments and the head of the Trade Development Organization of Iran, Consumers and Producers Protection Organization, Industrial Affairs and Economic Affairs and Finance. Raasa issued instructions for the sale and after-sales service of “batteries” and “car energy savers”.


The letter states: According to Articles “37” and “39” of the Executive Regulations of Article “21” of the Law on Consumer Protection, the executive rules of this law in the sales and after-sales service of batteries and automotive energy storage to determine The obligations and duties of all suppliers (including manufacturers, importers with activity certificates from the Guilds and Merchants Center of Iran), sales agents and after-sales services and their authorized agencies in order to comply with consumer rights are notified in the appendix. In addition, until further notice, order registration and import of car batteries and energy storage devices (only for sub-tariffs 85071010, 850701010) are subject to obtaining a dealer certificate.

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