Development of Iran-Armenia customs cooperation
Development of Iran-Armenia customs cooperation

خانه Development of Iran-Armenia customs cooperation

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Development of Iran-Armenia customs cooperation

Development of Iran-Armenia customs cooperation

Development of Iran-Armenia Customs Cooperation Armenia, officially the Republic of Armenia, is a country in the South Caucasus with Yerevan as its capital. The Armenian economy is highly dependent on the investment and support of Armenians abroad. Prior to independence, Armenia’s economy was largely based on the chemical, electronics, machinery, food processing, rubber, and weaving industries, and was heavily dependent on other Soviet republics and abroad for its raw materials.

Cooperation between Iran and Armenia

Armenia has taken important steps in economic liberalization in moving away from the communist economic system and moving towards a capitalist economy, but with restrictions such as energy dependence on Russia and Iran, resource poverty, landlockedness, and tensions with its two eastern neighbors. The West (Azerbaijan and Turkey) has drastically reduced its maneuverability to participate in regional investments, as well as its breathing space. However, this country has long had relations with our country in the political and economic fields.

Therefore, the report states that the relations between Iran and Armenia are based on the long-standing cultural, political and historical relations between the two neighboring countries and the spiritual and intellectual commonality of the two nations. After the declaration of independence of the Republic of Armenia (September 21, 1991), the Islamic Republic of Iran was one of the first countries in the world to recognize the independence of Armenia (December 25, 1991). The governments of Iran and Armenia established comprehensive political, diplomatic, cultural and economic relations. Apart from strategic and economic factors, the friendly relations between the two nations are also one of the important factors in the development of good neighborly relations between Iran and Armenia. The prospect of unprecedented cooperation was created, especially in the cultural, scientific and educational fields between the two countries. Now the country seeks to expand its presence in Iran’s economic events, and in this regard Iran and Armenia signed a protocol on the exchange of customs information, which was signed by Massoud Karbasian, director general of Iran’s customs, and Vartan Haratonian, director general of customs and head of the country’s revenue working group. Has arrived in Armenia.

The report adds: “Iranian Customs has announced in this regard:” With the implementation of the provisions of this protocol, any information, requests and customs and trade documents of Iran and Armenia must be provided in accordance with the national laws of the parties. According to this agreement. The parties exchange customs statistical data on bilateral trade on a quarterly basis on an annual basis, with the implementation of this protocol expected to facilitate and further develop trade and a new chapter in trade cooperation. Start between the two countries and raise the level of economic relations between the two countries.

It should be noted that in 2005 the value of Armenia’s trade with Iran was equal to 105 million dollars and in 2006 the value of bilateral trade reached 200 million dollars. Accordingly, the leaders of the two countries plan to increase trade volume to $ 1 billion per year by removing barriers to bilateral trade. According to the statistics provided, trade between Iran and Armenia in the first quarter of 2010 increased by 98% to $ 45 million and Iran became the seventh largest trading partner of the country. In addition, good progress has been made so far in implementing the agreements reached between the two countries, including the construction of an Iranian gas pipeline to Armenia and the construction of two power transmission lines and a wind farm by Iran in Armenia, increasing border exchanges, and Armenia’s membership in He mentioned the north-south corridor and the mutual exploitation of each other’s lands for the transit of goods. Also, the development of cooperation in the fields of agriculture, fisheries, animal husbandry, banking and investment, communications and telecommunications, fiber optics and mobile roaming, the development of cultural, scientific and educational cooperation are other agreements that have made good progress.

Iran’s exports to Armenia in 2016 amounted to 179 million and 103 thousand dollars and Iran’s imports from Armenia in the mentioned period was 20 million and 892 thousand dollars.

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