Record a positive trade balance for the second year
Record a positive trade balance for the second year

خانه Record a positive trade balance for the second year

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Record a positive trade balance for the second year

Record a positive trade balance for the second year

The Customs of the Islamic Republic of Iran announced the value of exports and imports in 2016 as “43 billion and 930 million” and “43 billion and 684 million” dollars, respectively. Became dollars.


For the first time after 37 years, the country’s trade balance, which is obtained after deducting imports from exports, was positive in 1394 and recorded a figure of 924 million dollars. This trend continued in all months of 2016 until today (Wednesday) the Customs of the Islamic Republic of Iran announced that in the 12 months of 2016, a positive trade balance of $ 246 million was recorded; In other words, the value of Iran’s non-oil exports was $ 246 million more than total imports. According to Exim News, quoting the public relations of Iran’s customs, Iran’s non-oil exports in the twelve months of 2016 reached 43 billion and 930 million dollars, which showed a growth of 3.54 percent compared to 1394.

Also, Iran’s imports in 1395 reached 43 billion and 684 million dollars, which compared to 1394 had a growth of 5.16 percent. Last year, the weight of imported goods reached 33 million and 399 thousand tons; While during this period, 129 million and 648 thousand tons of goods were exported.

Major export items

The most important export items of the country in 2016 included gas condensate worth 7 billion and 320 million dollars, light oils and products except gasoline worth 2 billion and 479 million dollars and liquefied natural gas worth 2 billion and 79 million dollars, respectively. In the next categories were liquefied propane worth $ 1.222 billion and liquefied petroleum gases and gaseous hydrocarbons worth $ 1.204 billion.

Major imported items

The most important items imported in 2016 included corn worth $ 1.413 billion and soybeans worth $ 909 million. Imports of motor vehicles with a displacement of 1,500 to 2,000 cc ($ 893 million), spare parts for passenger cars ($ 782 million) and brass ($ 690 million) were next in line.

Major buyers of Iranian goods

China was the top buyer of Iranian goods in 2016 with imports of eight billion and 377 million dollars. After that, the UAE with 7 billion and 436 million dollars, Iraq with 6 billion and 111 million dollars and Turkey with 3 billion and 244 million dollars had the most purchases from Iran. South Korea was the fifth largest buyer of Iranian goods with $ 2.877 billion.

Major countries exporting goods to Iran

At the top of the list of exporters to Iran in 2016, the name of China is still visible with the export of 10 billion and 753 million dollars of goods. The other major exporters of goods to Iran were the UAE with 6 billion and 407 million dollars, South Korea with 3 billion and 460 million dollars and Turkey with 2 billion and 738 million dollars. Germany also finished fifth with $ 2.537 billion in exports.

In 1392 (the first year of the 11th government), Iran’s imports reached 49 billion and 709 million dollars and 41 billion and 848 million dollars of various goods were exported. A comparison of the country’s imports and exports in 1392 shows that Iran’s trade balance was negative seven billion and 861 million dollars.

In 1393 (the second year of the 11th government), Iran’s imports reached 53 billion and 569 million dollars and 50 billion and 561 million dollars of goods were exported to other countries. During this period, although the country’s non-oil import and export figures were very close, but eventually Iran’s foreign trade record was closed with a trade deficit of three billion and eight million dollars. In 1394, after 11 years (35 years after the Islamic Revolution of Iran and 2 years before), the 11th government succeeded in ending the country’s foreign trade record with a positive trade balance. During this period, 41 billion and 490 million dollars of goods were imported to the country and 42 billion and 414 million dollars of non-oil goods were exported from Iran. In total, more than $ 14 billion improved in the Eleventh Government.

According to the latest statistics provided in the first 11 months of last year, Iran’s non-oil exports reached 38 billion and 492 million dollars, which compared to the same period in 1394, increased by 0.21 percent. Iran’s imports during this period reached 38 billion and 415 million dollars, which increased by 3 and 47 percent compared to the same period last year.

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