Elimination of foreign inspection companies in Iran-Iraq trade
Elimination of foreign inspection companies in Iran-Iraq trade

خانه Elimination of foreign inspection companies in Iran-Iraq trade

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Elimination of foreign inspection companies in Iran-Iraq trade

Elimination of foreign inspection companies in Iran-Iraq trade

Elimination of foreign inspection companies in Iran-Iraq trade: The heads of the Iran-Iraq Standards and Industrial Research Organization in a joint meeting approved the elimination of foreign inspection companies in Iran-Iraq trade. The Office of Public Relations and International Relations of the Standard Organization, with the agreement of the two standard organizations of Iran and Iraq, from now on the standard of 10 items of goods will be approved without the intervention of Western inspection companies.


The memorandum was approved during a meeting between Nayreh Piruzbakht, head of the Standards and Industrial Research Organization of Iran, and Salman al-Jumaili, minister of planning and head of the Iraqi Ministry of Commerce, and head of the country’s standard organization.

According to the memorandum, the implementation phase of the Iran-Iraq agreement to approve the standard of 10 items has begun through the development of joint standards, while some European inspection companies are currently working to approve Iranian exports to Iraq. With this understanding, these goods will be removed from the list of goods of these companies.

The 10 items agreed upon by Iran and Iraq include car wheels, motorcycles and bicycles and bicycle tires, bricks, tiles and mosaics, ceramic tiles, truck tires, air conditioners, frozen chicken, tomato paste and dairy products.

Nayreh Piruzbakht said: “We have had serious and very good relations with the Iraqi Standard Organization for many years, and the memorandums and agreements between the two countries have been reviewed and revised several times.”

The head of the Organization for Standardization and Industrial Research, stating that we are looking to increase exports of goods and services to Iraq, added: “Inspection and monitoring of our goods will also increase.”

According to him, in the latest understandings made between the two countries, 51 items will be jointly standardized, and in the first phase, 10 items have reached the implementation stage.

Piroozbakht stated that the standards of the two countries in the field of these goods have been exchanged and are being translated, adding: “This will help us to have a checklist of goods at the border and make their inspection easier.” .

He said that 41 other goods will be approved by the two countries in the next step, adding that there are two main issues between Iran and Iraq that must be resolved in negotiations, the first being the presence of European inspection companies and the differences that inspection Our companies and Iraq in the field of these companies agree that these companies are selected through a tender in Iraq, while the Iranian inspection companies are approved by the National Standard Organization of Iran without a tender.

Referring to Iraq’s interest in further understandings with Iran, Salman al-Jamili said: “The issue of technical specifications of goods approved by the Iraqi standard is a national issue and in accordance with the current situation in the country, and there is a special difference between these technical specifications in the climate.” There is no Kurdistan and no central government because the technical specifications of each product are approved within the framework of a law.

Referring to the contracts of Iraq and some foreign inspection companies, the head of the Iraqi Ministry of Commerce said: “Our country’s standard organization tries to conduct inspections in Iraq and there is no need for the presence of foreign companies.”

He added: “We have started working with Iran in the field of 10 items and we hope that in the continuation of cooperation between the two countries, we will be able to jointly standardize and review all these goods.”

Nasrin Sami Savadi, Director General of the Iraqi Standards and Quality Control Organization, in this meeting, referring to the formation of inspection and control commissions between Iraq and different countries, continued: “We translated the standards related to Iran in these mentioned goods, and in fact We have done the part that was related to us and we will provide it to you today.

Referring to the country’s contracts with foreign inspection companies, he said: “We will first remove the items agreed with Iran from the work list of foreign inspection companies and say that they will no longer inspect these goods.”

According to Savadi, these items have been carefully selected and are among the goods that mostly had defects.

“If this experience is successful and opportunistic, we can easily extend it to other goods,” he said.

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