Remove and add car import dealership
Remove and add car import dealership

خانه Remove and add car import dealership

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Remove and add car import dealership

Remove and add car import dealership

The issue of importing cars into the country has been involved in changing the regulations these days, in the meantime, some are looking to catch fish from this muddy water and eliminate some importing agencies and replace their preferred options. Over the past few months, the Ministry of Industry, Mines and Trade There is a law and decree on the import of cars into the country, and this issue has created an opaque atmosphere in this matter and some abuses in order to move and change the dealerships. Thus, because the Ministry of Industry, Mines and Trade occasionally approves instructions on car imports, importing agencies and even foreign car manufacturers are somehow confused and do not know their duty (to operate in Iran).


For example, in the case of banning the registration and numbering of some cars belonging to certain brands, some people tried to use the opaque space created to turn the page in their favor and get a hat made of this felt.

In the case in question, some tried, and still have, to take control of car imports by eliminating existing dealerships by fostering bans and restrictions.

This is in the context that after the nuclear agreement and Borjam and the opening of the way for the direct entry of foreign cars into Iran, many applications were submitted to represent foreign car companies, and now these requests are on the table of foreigners.

In fact, due to the fierce competition for official representation between domestic companies, some of them, by taking advantage of the current non-transparent environment (due to some overnight regulations in the field of car imports), intend to eliminate others and take responsibility. Import different brands.

Author: persian / Date: 2017-10-26
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