What are customs duties and tariffs?
What are customs duties and tariffs?

خانه What are customs duties and tariffs?

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What are customs duties and tariffs?

What are customs duties and tariffs?

Funds received at customs from imported goods are divided into several categories. One is salaries and duties, which are a kind of indirect tax, and the other is the costs that are collected in return for performing the service; Such as the cost of unloading and loading, testing, standardization and warehousing.

Fees and tolls are collected by customs, but costs are collected by service providers such as the Ports Authority, public warehouses at local customs, and the National Standards Organization. The import duty defined in paragraph (h) of Article 1 of the Customs Law consists of two parts:

1- Customs duty (which is 4% for all goods and has been imposed by the parliament).

2. Commercial profit determined by the government.

Of course, taxes and other duties, such as 8% of VAT, 4% of cultural goods, 5% of the total customs duties and commercial profits as the Red Crescent are also collected from the import of various goods according to the type and volume of goods.

The concept of tariffs

Tariffs are taxes and duties that governments levy on goods for reasons of protection, finance, or a combination of them.

This receipt is called Customs Duties.

The customs tariff may be received based on the value of the goods, in which case it is called a value tariff and is calculated and received in different ways.

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