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Customs Broker

Customs Broker

Customs Broker refers to a person, whether natural or legal, who performs customs formalities on behalf of another person on his behalf at customs.


According to the provisions of the executive regulations of the Customs Affairs Law, no person will be accepted as a customs officer unless he has obtained a special license from the customs. A license to work in customs is issued to persons who have a business card and have special conditions and are accepted in the relevant annual customs examination. The validity period of the work permit is one year from the date of issuance and can be extended for later years according to the conditions. According to the work permit, a card is issued by the Iranian Customs under the title of work permit card. The work fee card is the same as the business card with a pocket cut and in addition to having the title of the work fee card and the issuer’s customs name, business card number, file number, validity period, card holder name (if the company name is the company name and its management name) And having a photo of the card holder and stamped with the seal of the Iranian Customs Office and the seal and signature of the Director General of the said office, and the next page, there are annual extensions of up to four years. Therefore, each work permit card has a credit of 5 years, and after the expiration of the first year, it can be extended annually for the next four years, subject to special conditions and customs approval. After 5 years, the work fee card must be replaced with a new one.

A righteous person is a person who transacts in his own name but on behalf of another account and receives a fee in return. The right of action is different from the power of attorney and agency because in the power of attorney and representative the agent or lawyer acts in the name of his client or manager, but in the right of action the agent often hides the name of the boss and does not even know who the transaction is for and only knows .

The difference between a real worker and a broker

The agent and the broker are both intermediaries in the transaction. There is a big difference between the broker and the agent. The broker has no duty except to introduce the parties to the transaction to each other and except with special permission can not be responsible for representing one of the parties or to be a party to the transaction and the broker has no obligation to perform the transaction. As well as the good performance of the obligations of the parties. The transaction ends with the broker acting if the dealer is the party to the transaction and is responsible for making the adjustments he has made in his own name.

Obligations of the director and the right to work

In return, the commander is responsible for handing over the outcome of the transaction to him. The right to work has two direct obligations, one to the other party to the transaction and the other to the American who must inform him of the transaction and provide him with the outcome of the transaction. The right of action also has benefits, including the fact that a foreign trader who is not familiar with the situation in other countries can thus conduct his transactions with a trader who is based in the country and has sufficient insight.

The duties of the right of action are:

Execute commands
Make a deal in your own name
Not benefiting from the transaction
Inform the commander
Advocacy and trust
Goods insurance
Transaction benefits
Credit Transactions

There are two types of orders: one is mandatory orders and the other is optional orders. If he has not informed, he will be tempted to keep the transaction for himself, if he notifies the transaction immediately, he will not be able to keep the transaction for himself. The dealer cannot be a party to the transaction in person. The contractor is not obliged to insure the goods of the transaction unless ordered by the principal. In cases where the goods are perishable, the right of action should not wait for the explicit order of the principal, because in that case the goods will be destroyed and irreparable damage will be inflicted on the principal.

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