Smart exit at customs
Smart exit at customs

خانه Smart exit at customs

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Smart exit at customs

Smart exit at customs

The smart exit project in the customs was keyed, according to the online news agency, quoting the public relations of the Iranian customs, this project is another part of the electronic customs program, and with its implementation, even permission

Entry and exit of customs will be done electronically.

Therefore, with the implementation of this project, the customs formalities of the goods were performed in the comprehensive customs system and the window of the cross-border trade unit. Through the electronic license plate reader system, the truck is allowed to leave, and by doing so, the intelligent traffic jams actually take orders from the license plate readers.

Therefore, considering that the license plates and specifications of the trucks are registered for loading in the comprehensive customs system, by installing and operating the barrier and license plate reader system, all cargo information is automatically matched with the loaded truck and completely loaded trucks are allowed to leave. This method prevents the entry and exit of containers and unauthorized goods automatically. At the same time, the entry and exit information of trucks and exit doors are transferred online to the center and the monitoring of customs operations is easier, and the headquarters offices supervise the performance of the executive customs more easily.

Therefore, the report of this project will be completely designed and implemented by the capable scholars of the Intelligent Systems Research Institute of the University of Tehran.

The report added that preparations have already been made for the installation and commissioning of 36 barrier systems and 85 license plate readers, and in the first phase, the customs of Shahid Rajaei Port, Shahid Bahonar Port, Bushehr Port, Lengeh Port, Imam Khomeini Airport, Salafchegan, The outside and west of Tehran should be equipped with an intelligent exit door system.

The comprehensive customs system and the window of the cross-border trade unit have been set up in order to electronicize Iran’s customs since 2013. With the implementation of this system, import, export, transit, payment and customs customs licenses are formalized and customs is communicated with 22 neighboring electronic organizations. Also, the formation of the largest foreign trade database and the increase of customs revenues from 7,000 to 14,000 billion tomans has been another important achievement of the comprehensive customs system and the window of the cross-border trade unit.

Author: persian / Date: 2017-10-26
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