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The chain of executive work in foreign trade includes various and at the same time interconnected matters that foreign trade managers and businessmen and all persons and companies that deal with the import and export of goods necessarily know and use it. They are not unnecessary and, of course, knowledge of the information required in foreign trade is essential for them.

This booklet has been prepared with the aim of providing the most important information, regulations and various issues in foreign trade and contains information, concepts and key words in foreign trade executive issues. Which is hoped to be exploited by esteemed colleagues and the business community of the country.

Assessment documents

The bill of lading is the document of the contract of carriage, the receipt of the goods and the document of its ownership, and it is also a document that can be used as support when claiming damages from the insurance company: Details in the bill of lading should include the following: description of goods Commercial Name of the ship carrying the phrase indicating the presence of the goods on the ship Which is originally issued, date of issue.

Certificate of Origin

It is a signed declaration that indicates the origin of the goods. The certificate of origin is issued by the exporter of the goods or his representative, but in some countries this certificate must be issued on a special form that has the approval of an independent administrative organization (for example, the Chamber of Commerce).

Inspection certificate

Specifies the inspection performed by an inspection body. The mentioned authority examines the cargo quantitatively and qualitatively according to the shipping signs, weight, number of packages and presents its report.

Beware of insurance

It is a document that must be issued or signed by the insurance company or its representative or by the underwriters. And its date must be simultaneous or before the date of shipment. The amount of the insurance policy must be at least equal to the value of the safe. The insurance certificate must:

1- To be in accordance with what is mentioned in the letter of credit.
2. Include all risks mentioned in the credit.

3. Comply with other documents regarding shipment and description of goods.

Customs declaration

It is a declaration of origin certified by a competent authority or authorities.

Check-in or check-out

It is any type of declaration that must be submitted to the customs authorities by the person in charge of transport or his representative at the time of entry or exit of the means of transport and contains the necessary information regarding the means of transport, travel route, cargo, luggage and supplies. , Staff and passengers.

Notice of goods

It is any type of declaration that is prepared on a sheet specified by the customs. In this declaration, the interested parties shall indicate the customs procedure to be applied to the goods and shall specify the specifications that are required by the customs to implement that procedure.

Statement of origin

It is an appropriate description of the origin of the manufactured goods, which at the time of export is given by the manufacturer, manufacturer, supplier, exporter or any other competent person in the commercial invoice or any other document related to the goods.

Customs transit

It is the customs method by which goods are transported from one customs office to another under the supervision of customs.


A list of the cargo of a ship or a train or a caravan of trucks is said to have more than one bill of lading. In Persian, it can be read as a complete list of goods, which contains all the bill of lading related to the shipment. This general list is provided when the commercial shipment arrives at the destination customs.


In International Shipping Terms, the Rabil Ald Yingo Bill of Lading on the Road and in Airplane. ام. They are reading. A bill of lading is a document for the transportation of a unit or a batch of goods, which is issued as a consignee at the destination by the transport company at the place of loading the goods. The bill of lading contains the appearance of the goods such as the number of packages, their number and mark, weight with the container and sometimes the net weight or the quantity and type of goods according to what the sender has stated. is . The recipient of the bill of lading receives the goods from the shipping company according to its provisions

Summary statement

It is a special form that summarizes the specifications of the cargo of a ship, an aircraft or a convoy of trucks, in which the number of packages, weight, origin, destination, name of the ship or other means of transport, the number of items in the cargo are recorded and attached to the customs manifest. It is submitted in the brief declaration after mentioning the specifications of the carrier institution and the specifications of the vehicle and the recipient, in relation to the specifications of the goods, it is sufficient to write a sentence according to the attached manifest on page ……


Special agents when unloading the goods from the vehicles gradually write it down in detail so that it can be adapted to the bill of lading and the manifesto later.


It is an indoor area that does not have a wall on one or more sides, and goods are placed there to protect it from snow, rain, and regular sunlight.

Abandoned goods

Goods whose legal stay in customs offices or special warehouses has expired and have not been cleared are called abandoned goods.

Foreign exchange letter agreement

It is a form that the exporter submits to the authorized bank with the notification of customs when exporting the goods from the country for the obligation to sell the foreign exchange earned from the export to the authorized banks. For temporary withdrawal, a temporary contract is issued, which in case of non-return of the goods within the prescribed period, it is considered an export and the fulfillment of the obligation is prosecuted.


It is the transportation of goods from one port of the country to another port and also from one customs to another, which is done through the neighboring country. For cabotage, customs formalities are required and there are two types of declarations, one of which is set when the goods leave the port or border and one when it enters the customs of the border or port.

It is a purchase list issued by the seller from the origin as a sales offer, or to determine the value and terms of the sale. This list must be approved by the relevant supply and distribution center before selling the goods. Proforma is also called a pre-invoice.

Currency declaration

It is a document that shows the amount of currency transferred for the purchase of goods and its Rial equivalent and the date of opening the credit.

Customs introduction

It is a table in which all the goods are classified and in certain columns, the relevant chapter number and row, the type of goods and the customs legal reference are determined.

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