Smart customs exit door 6 is being installed
Smart customs exit door 6 is being installed

خانه Smart customs exit door 6 is being installed

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Smart customs exit door 6 is being installed

Smart customs exit door 6 is being installed

According to Faratab, this project is being implemented by the customs in cooperation with the Intelligent Systems Research Institute of the University of Tehran, and is another part of the electronic customs program, which will allow the entry and exit of goods through customs electronically.

Accordingly, in the next stage, the customs of Shahid Rajaei Port, Shahid Bahonar Port, Bushehr Port, Lengeh Port, Imam Khomeini Airport, Salafchegan, Incheh Borun and west of Tehran will be equipped with an intelligent exit system.

The comprehensive customs system and window of the cross-border trade unit in order to electronicize Iran’s customs was launched in 2013. With the implementation of this system, import, export, transit, payment and customs customs licenses have been electronic and customs communication with 22 neighboring organizations has been electronic.

Also, the formation of the largest foreign trade database and the increase of customs revenues from 7,000 to 14,000 billion tomans are among the achievements of this system, which is proposed by customs officials. It is said that Iran’s customs revenues have increased by 37% this year due to electronic measures.

According to this report, it is said that customs revenues have doubled since the launch of the comprehensive customs affairs system, from 7600 billion tomans to 14 thousand billion tomans, and this year we are witnessing a 37% increase in customs revenues so far, while The exchange rate of the bank dollar, which is the basis for calculating customs duties and taxes, has not changed much since the beginning of this year, and the amount of imports in our country has remained the same compared to last year.

According to experts, the wide participation of Iranian youth and reliance on the knowledge and ability of local scholars is one of the important advantages of this system.

Author: persian / Date: 2017-10-26
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