Taxes from exporters will be waived until next week
Taxes from exporters will be waived until next week

خانه Taxes from exporters will be waived until next week

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Taxes from exporters will be waived until next week

Taxes from exporters will be waived until next week

The Minister of Industry, Mines and Trade said that the collection of taxes from exporters will be abolished until next week. Mohammad Reza Nematzadeh said at the National Export Day ceremony: According to the statistics of the World Trade Organization, the export of goods and services in 2012 was 22.8 billion dollars, of which the share of goods was 81% and the share of services was 19%. The share of agriculture was 9%, the share of fuel and oil was 18%, the share of minerals was 4% and the share of industrial exports was 62%. Has been the dollar.

Abolition of exporters' taxes

Emphasizing that the average annual growth rate of exports between 2005 and 2012 was about 8.3 percent, he said: “Exports of industrial products grew by 6.7 percent, which was due to reduced growth in fuel prices in recent years.”

The Minister of Industry, Mines and Trade said that the share of exports in developing countries has increased from 34% in 1980 to 47% in 2012 and also the share of imports from 29% in 1980 to 42%.

Emphasizing that the amount of exports is directly related to the amount of foreign investment FDI, he said: “On average, each unit of investment generates two units of exports, and according to the Ministry of Commerce, half of the country’s exports are foreign investment companies and 30% The output of the industrial sector is produced using 10% of the labor force.

Nematzadeh said: “Iran’s exports in 2012, including oil, agriculture, industry and services, was $ 96 billion, which has a share of 55 percent of global exports, and non-oil exports were $ 37 billion, which has a share of less than 2 tenths of a percent.”

The Minister of Industry, Mines and Trade said: “Non-oil exports in the first six months of this year were $ 17.9 billion and imports were $ 19.9 billion, and if we make a little effort, the currency needed for imports can be provided from non-oil exports.”

He added: “Apart from economic sanctions, lack of access to liquidity and credit facilities due to the limitation of development banks, the imposition of export restrictions, non-payment of export incentives and the high cost of transportation are among the reasons for the decline in exports.”

He added: “Despite the fact that fuel is very expensive in Indonesia, the cost of land transportation is lower than in our country.” Therefore, our exports and trade are affected by these atrocities.

Emphasizing the elimination of exporters’ foreign exchange liability, Nematzadeh said: “Last night we had a meeting with Mr. Jahangiri with the tax organization and we tried to eliminate the issue of exporters’ taxes, but we promise that exporters’ taxes will be eliminated next weekend.”

The Minister of Industry, Mines and Trade said: “The country’s competitiveness index in 2012 among 148 countries has dropped by 16 steps from 66 to 82. The business space index is ranked 145 out of 155 countries and in logistics and transportation we are ranked from 155 countries have reached 112, while our southern neighbors are ranked 17th and Turkey is ranked 27th in logistics.

Nematzadeh said: “In a short period of time, due to the efficiency of the government, relatively appropriate measures have been taken, which can be facilitated by opening a 30% credit, which unfortunately some banks have not yet done, and Mr. Seif has promised to resolve this issue.”

Also, the preparation of instructions for reducing export bans and restrictions and notifying it to the country’s customs, stabilizing the exchange rate, smoothing the international environment and the gradual withdrawal of banks from the list of sanctions have been among the measures that have taken place in this short period.

He added: “The efforts of government agencies, the Ministry of Industry and the Ministry of Economy, are the continuous improvement of the business environment and competitiveness in the economic environment.”

He added: “Targeting export awards, timely payment of incentives, development of land and rail transportation, organizing the market information system and planning and management in support, pursuing Iran’s accession to the WTO and comprehensive efforts for investment security are important government programs for Export support.

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