New car import instructions from the Ministry of Industry
New car import instructions from the Ministry of Industry

خانه New car import instructions from the Ministry of Industry

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New car import instructions from the Ministry of Industry

New car import instructions from the Ministry of Industry

A new car import instruction has been prepared by the Ministry of Industry, Mines and Trade and is in the final stage of review and approval.

This was done while at the time of the embargo, some car importing companies, due to some foreign problems, had received representation points from foreign car brands and imported these products from intermediary companies. Mining and trade; All car importers are required to obtain a dealership license from a foreign car company owning the brand or the official and principal representative of these companies.

Car_ import_ instructions

Another noteworthy point in this instruction is the obligation of car importing companies to establish production lines of imported cars in the country or export cars and domestically produced parts in exchange for car imports. Having an after-sales service network by car importing companies as well as limited The need for foreign automakers to have only one business or manufacturing partner in Iran is another requirement of this new directive.

The following is the full text of the “Guidelines and rules for importing cars and how to cooperate with foreign car companies” prepared by the Ministry of Industry, Mines and Trade. It should be sent to the Cabinet for final approval: “In order to organize car imports in the post-completion period, as well as rational support for domestic production and prevent non-specialized car imports that cause consumer dissatisfaction, follow the instructions No. 248832/60 dated 30 / 11/1393 and No. 138063/60 dated 22/6/1594 of the Ministry of Industry, Mines and Trade, hereby the criteria for importing passenger cars are announced as follows;

1- Regarding the import of passenger cars, according to Article 4 of the Consumer Rights Protection Law approved in 2009, all importers are obliged to have the facilities and facilities for providing after-sales services while observing the regulations of the technical rules of car import approved in 2003 and subsequent amendments.

Also, all importers are required to receive a certificate of official representation from the main manufacturers or representatives of regions that have a license to represent other countries (based on a certificate issued by the Iranian Trade Union and Trade Center) and observe the provisions of the Executive Regulations of the Consumer Protection Law (dated 28/1/1395 approved by the esteemed Council of Ministers).

2_ Foreign companies in each car group can only have a commercial or production contract with a domestic company. (Car group means: passenger cars and vans, heavy commercial vehicles, passenger commercial vehicles).

3_ Registration of the order of passenger cars in full CBU will be allowed only by observing the following conditions from the date of notification of this instruction;

1_3_ If the importer has production facilities and facilities in the country or through the conclusion of a contract with one of the domestic manufacturers to produce a car (with at least 20% of domestic production from the beginning), can be equal to 50% of the value of domestic products Import cars yourself.

2_3_ If the importer of Rasa car or through concluding a contract with a domestic manufacturer, does not produce a car domestically, he can only act equal to 40% of the export value of the car or domestically produced parts in relation to the car import, taking into account paragraph one.

4- The import of a passenger car from the same name of the domestic production mark (brand) should only be done through the domestic manufacturer of the same name (brand), unless the domestic manufacturer declares its unwillingness to import. ”

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