Reasons for failure in e-commerce
Reasons for failure in e-commerce

خانه Reasons for failure in e-commerce

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Reasons for failure in e-commerce

Reasons for failure in e-commerce

Here are ten simple but important reasons why you may have asked yourself many times why people do not buy from me. The following reasons will help you to review your e-commerce marketing and sales strategy and be able to troubleshoot your system:

One of the factors of marketing failure is when the site is not able to create a safe and reliable platform when ordering buyers. To provide such assurance, the site can assure buyers that all purchase order operations will be performed through secure servers. And to assure the customer that all information such as email address and personal information of individuals will be kept completely secure and will not be sold in any way.

If the site ads are not highly attractive. One of the reasons for not attracting customers is to express all the details of services without mentioning the main capabilities of products and services. Also, due to the lack of headlines or main news, the site will not be able to attract customers. Another important factor in not attracting customers is the lack of consent from other customers who have used your services and products, as well as the lack of warranty for products and services.

Another factor in the failure of marketing drumming is the lack of a proper system to persuade users to revisit the site. It is important to note that such a system exists because all people who want to buy sex will never buy sex the first time they visit any site. In fact, the more visits you make, the more likely you are to buy. The most effective way to get users to revisit is to have a free subscription to your website e-newsletter.

Another factor that contributes to the site’s failure is not informing buyers about your business. This means that if buyers have enough information about the other party from whom they are going to buy the product, they will take this step with more confidence and trust. Post a “About Us” page on your site that includes information such as your business history, employees, contact information, and more.

Lack of multiple ways to receive orders from customers. A variety of payment methods include credit cards, checks, cash and other special electronic forms. You can pave the way for buyers by making ways to receive orders by phone, e-mail address, site, fax, postal address, etc.

Another factor in the lack of marketing progress is the lack of professional structure and appearance of the website. You need to have a dedicated domain name for your website that is relevant to your business. The design structure of the page should be shaped in such a way that visitors can navigate it easily and quickly. Also, the graphic design of the pages should be completely related to the type of site activity.

Before giving free stuff to customers, they should see your ads and then be redirected to other pages of the site. If the site uses te ability to offer free products to attract visitors to the site, these products should be either under the site ads or on other pages of the site. If a list of free products is placed at the top of the ads, visitors will never notice the ads for the products for sale.

Your site may not be able to reach your target audience. One of the easiest ways is to examine the purchases made by customers and to investigate the reasons for their attention to these products. The information gained in this field will help you to refine your marketing methods and type of advertising.

One of the most important factors in the failure of a site is the lack of a regular system for reviewing the site, advertising it and ultimately improving it. There are many sellers who never change their designed ads. You should always check and correct the status of your site ads to get the maximum amount of response from ads.

Do not cancel any obligation for the visitor to buy your products. Your products may be noticed by many people because of the high quality and standard of their products, but these same people will forget about your products over time and delay the time of purchase as soon as they leave the site. To solve this problem, give visitors a series of free products and facilities, as well as a discount, and also set a credit expiration time for each discount.

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