New round of economic talks between Iran and Germany
New round of economic talks between Iran and Germany

خانه New round of economic talks between Iran and Germany

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New round of economic talks between Iran and Germany

New round of economic talks between Iran and Germany

World Economy: The German Minister of Economy is heading to Iran today at the head of a large delegation consisting of 100 German economic activists. According to Reuters, the visit, which is aimed at developing relations between the two countries, will take place at a time when sanctions against Iran have not been fully lifted, and in particular banking restrictions have become a brake on Iran’s benefits from lifting sanctions and suspending its nuclear activities. Is.


His trip to Tehran had been postponed once before. Sigmar Gabriel’s illness was the reason for the postponement of the trip. During Gabriel’s visit to Tehran, the economic commission of the two countries will be held for the first time in the last 15 years. According to Gabriel, important contracts are expected to be signed during this trip. The German industrial giants Siemens and Daimler are among the first companies to take advantage of the opportunity to visit Tehran, but they are very careful about their dealings with Iran and only after making sure their actions are legal under US sanctions. They pay.

German exports to Iran in the first half of this year grew by 15% to 1.13 billion euros. This figure is expected to reach 4 billion euros this year. “German banks are still keeping their distance from the Iranian banking system,” an economist told Reuters. According to Reuters, Gabriel warned Tehran on Friday that in order to normalize relations with Iran, Tehran would have to accept Israel’s right to exist and suspend its activities in Syria. Tehran, on the other hand, has stated that there are no preconditions for Iran-Germany relations and has denied third-party interference in its internal affairs and international policies. “German-Iranian economic cooperation is not going to work a miracle, but it could open the door to more trade and stimulate social change,” Gabriel, who heads the German Social Democrats, told SPIEGEL. Bavaria Federal Minister of Economy Eliza Agner, who recently visited Iran, has signed an agreement with three Iranian banks that will allow them to reopen their branches in Munich. This will pave the way for more trade with Tehran. “An important issue for small and medium-sized companies is the inability of these companies to maintain their credentials for the transfer of their goods and products to Iran,” said Werner Schropel, CEO of IMO GmbH, which exports parts for wind energy equipment. Shropel is already using third parties to do business with Iran, but hopes that these processes will be simplified and that more investment can be made in Iran’s wind energy. The Iran-Germany Chamber of Commerce is currently providing good assistance to those intending to do business with Iran, but the largest German banks, Deutsche Bank and Commerce Bank, remain cautious in establishing relations with Tehran.

According to “Dunya-e-Eqtesad”, the German economic delegation headed by the Vice Chancellor of this country will be present in the Iran Chamber on Monday, October 3rd. The economic conference and then the face-to-face meetings of Iranian and German businessmen and economic activists will begin at 9:00 AM. German companies in the fields of finance, banking, energy and infrastructure in specialized panels negotiate with Iranian economic actors. Those interested in participating in the conference can register by registering online.

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