Growth of more than 60% in handicraft exports
Growth of more than 60% in handicraft exports

خانه Growth of more than 60% in handicraft exports

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Growth of more than 60% in handicraft exports

Growth of more than 60% in handicraft exports

More than 60% growth in handicraft exports, according to the public relations of the Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization; Bahman Namvar Motlagh in the meeting of the Vice President with the deputies, advisors and general managers of the headquarters and the provinces added: the indicators of handicrafts are growing in almost all the provinces of the country. We have very good capacities in the provinces that should be used.


Namvar Motlagh, stating that we have a lot of growth in the field of domestic sales and has been activated in the Deputy of Handicrafts of handicraft workshops, said: “In the field of promotion, many activities have been done in design, which we have faced many problems before.” Different provinces in the native fields of handicrafts have grown in different indices.

Emphasizing that Iranian handicrafts are also known in the world, the Deputy Minister of Handicrafts said: “Holding international meetings related to the field of handicrafts in the provinces of Isfahan and East Azerbaijan is effective.” A plan called “Link” has been presented to the Vice President and the President of the Organization so that we can make better use of the production capacities of the provinces.

Following this meeting, the general managers of the deputy presented their reports and programs, which show a 10% growth in the issuance of identity cards, holding training workshops, implementing 9 important programs in the field of development and promotion in 9 provinces by the end of the year and programs to support artists. Handicrafts was one of the most important. Also, the growth of handicraft exhibitions and the presence of artists in 25 foreign exhibitions, 1,200 billion tomans of domestic sales in 1995 and the growth of handicraft exports was 67% of the reports presented in this meeting.

A 52% decrease in handicraft imports, a 32% increase in handicraft markets and an increase in sales of handicraft products in handicraft markets and an increase in the number of handicraft stalls in the country were other reports presented by the general managers of the handicrafts deputy.

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