Boom in grape exports to Iraq
Boom in grape exports to Iraq

خانه Boom in grape exports to Iraq

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Boom in grape exports to Iraq

Boom in grape exports to Iraq

The boom in grape exports to Iraq, the improvement in the situation of grape exports to Iraq, has led to a boom in the market of this product in West Azerbaijan. Agriculture of Urmia Chamber of Commerce said: this year, the necessary ground has been provided for the export of Urmia gardeners’ grapes to Iraq.

Boom in grape exports to Iraq

Bahadori, the representative of the people of Urmia in the Islamic Consultative Assembly, said in this meeting: it is necessary to create the necessary culture in the field of quality and consumption of agricultural pesticides among the farmers of the province in order to use them optimally.

Poursoltani, the second vice president of the Urmia Chamber of Commerce, said in this meeting: “The province’s exporters are deprived of government support packages in the export sector, and this issue has a negative impact on the motivation of this group.”

In the meeting of the Agriculture Commission of Urmia Chamber of Commerce, a group of managers of Jihad Agriculture Organization, Director General of Tax Affairs and representatives of private sector organizations exchanged views on the agricultural situation of the province, including the supply of inputs, taxes and exports.

Author: persian / Date: 2017-10-26
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