Comprehensive customs system with 9 special features
Comprehensive customs system with 9 special features

خانه Comprehensive customs system with 9 special features

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Comprehensive customs system with 9 special features

Comprehensive customs system with 9 special features

Comprehensive customs system with 9 special capabilities: The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Finance announced 9 special capabilities of the comprehensive customs system and the window of the cross-border trade unit within the framework of the 100-day 100-action plan.

The rapid growth of international trade at the beginning of the 21st century and the complexity of the business environment and its impact on the global economy have led to more attention being paid to the organization of the trade network. In the modern world, the business centers of different countries have become the beating heart of the economy. In this regard, the customs sought to convert all processes into electronic mode. The goal was to carry out 34 customs operations from declaration to exit of goods with 9 special capabilities without the need for a face-to-face visit. An event that, given the savings of tens of thousands of billions of tomans in foreign trade, will have a tremendous impact on facilitating the business environment and the cost of goods.

Comprehensive customs system

Customs, as the main observer of trade and as the watchdog of borders and the true companion and trustee of business owners, must homogenize itself with the new conditions so that its presence is not considered as an obstacle to trade. Accordingly, the Customs of the Islamic Republic of Iran, in order to advance the two heterogeneous goals, expedite the provision of services and apply the necessary controls, after a comparative study of customs status of developed countries, conventions and standards of international organizations from the second half of 1392 to establish a comprehensive customs system Put it on its agenda and unveiled it in January 2016 in the presence of the Minister of Economic Affairs and Finance.

Customs measures have led to a major change in the direction of digital customs, which in 2016 was chosen as the motto of the World Trade Organization. The performance of customs regarding the use of new technologies for customs formalities, reducing the time and cost of formalities and increasing the risk of smuggling has been such that in 18 articles of the law and decree the duty to create a single window of cross-border trade among 25 agencies involved in foreign trade as The leading device is entrusted to this organization. It should be noted that the inclusion of the electronic and integrated customs establishment project in the Resolution No. 27762 approved on 9/3/1695 of the Presidential Resistance Economic Command Headquarters as one of the priority projects confirms this.

Save on trading costs

With the establishment of a comprehensive customs system and the window of the cross-border trade unit, the formalities for imports have been reduced from 26 days to 3 days and for exports from 7 days to 1 day. According to the World Bank, for each day of delay in customs formalities, one percent of the total value of the goods will be added to the costs of customs clearance. Reducing formalities by as much as 23 percent of trade value has resulted in savings in the foreign trade cycle. This amount only in the import sector, assuming imports of 50 billion dollars during the year and a 23-day reduction in formalities, will save about 10 billion dollars, ie nearly 40 thousand billion tomans only in the import sector.

Increasing customs revenues

Mechanization of necessary processes and controls, electronic payment has resulted in a 78% increase in customs revenues in 1393 and at the beginning of the launch of a comprehensive customs system and cross-border trade unit window compared to 1392, which has continued to increase to 60%. Growth has reached.

Daily online publication of foreign trade statistics

In order to implement the law on free access to customs information, the Islamic Republic of Iran published statistics and information in the field of foreign trade on a daily basis. In the current situation, as soon as the goods are loaded from the origin and move to Iran, information about the goods will be available in the electronic customs system. According to this information, the content of the shipment and the time of arrival to the destination are also known in advance. As a result, all transit goods are under customs control and their exit and entry are in accordance with customs schedules.

Combating smuggling of goods and drugs

The development of a coherent plan to combat smuggling of goods and the implementation of mechanized controls based on risk management indicators and the use of control equipment, led to a 711 percent increase in drug detections and precursors in 1393 compared to 1392 from 18 tons to 148 tons. Discoveries in 1394 reached 300 tons and has led to a growth of 95%, this national honor in international institutions has had a wide reflection; According to the latest report published by the Asia-Pacific Regional Liaison Office (RILO A / P), Iranian Customs has the highest number of discoveries related to narcotics, psychotropic substances and industrial precursors after Australia, New Zealand and Pakistan, ranking fourth.

Follow up on violations

The output of opaque space will always be violations, so with the launch of the electronic customs system of the Islamic Republic of Iran, many violations that had been hidden from view, were controlled and prevented. Violation of one of the largest importers of home appliances to Iran, which was monitored and identified by this system; It was considered one of the most current of these cases. Also, with the launch of this system, the possibility of misusing business cards is eliminated.

9 new features

Electronic connection of bill of lading, smart exit door project, launching of the largest foreign trade database, receiving inspection certificate through the comprehensive system of customs affairs, starting electronic exchange of information between the Ports and Customs Organization, monitoring system of transit goods, setting up electronic surveillance counter system, In customs and electronic wallet, they are one of the most important features of the cross-border trade window.

All the measures and efforts made in the collection of the Customs Organization of the Islamic Republic of Iran and with the cooperation of neighboring organizations, in addition to valuable achievements at the national level, have improved the country’s ranking at the international level. According to the latest report of the World Bank, the ranking of the Islamic Republic of Iran in the logistics index has increased by 18 steps from 114th in 2014 to 96th in 2016.

Also, another important point about the comprehensive electronic customs system is that this system was done by young people, students and graduates of the University of Tehran, who were able to work with this system in close cooperation with the Iranian Customs. The process of electronicization of customs operations in Iran has also been very fast in terms of time compared to similar samples. This project was completed in the customs of the Islamic Republic of Iran in 2 years, while in similar examples from other countries, more time was spent in this field.

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