Commodity identification system was unveiled
Commodity identification system was unveiled

خانه Commodity identification system was unveiled

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Commodity identification system was unveiled

Commodity identification system was unveiled

Commodity ID system unveiled, GTIN’s installation system helps to clarify trade documents and control smuggling of goods. According to Jahan-e-Eqtesad correspondent, Yadaleh Sadeghi, Deputy Minister of Economic and Trade Affairs of the Ministry of Industry, Mines and Trade, said at the unveiling ceremony of the goods identification system: “In the Ministry of Industry, Mines and Trade, the National Executive (Article 13) Creating an identity card, ID and tracking code for the goods of the target group has been formed.

Commodity ID system

Sadeghi, stating that the importer should refer to the site of the comprehensive trade system and act according to the instructions, added: It is legally produced or imported.

He added: 10 working groups in different commodity groups created 11 instructions containing business rules for creating ID cards and producing ID cards.

He said: “All the devices that are involved in the clearance, warehousing, production and import of goods and in these working committees have reviewed the rules and these rules have become the specified instructions and since the announcement of the Ministry of Industry, Mines and Trade, production And the entry of goods must be with an ID and this possibility will be done through a system.

Deputy Minister of Economic Affairs and Trade stated: Merely using the tracking ID does not solve all issues related to smuggling of goods.

According to Sadeghi: According to this comprehensive system, trade will be both more transparent and the necessary ground will be provided that after the information of the goods is entered in the insurance and transportation system, the goods will go to a warehouse that has an ID.

He added: “All centers that are depots and storage of goods receive the warehouse ID and all domestically produced and imported goods go wherever they must have ID, and this ID and tracking code form a set that helps the transparency of goods production and distribution.” It is effective in controlling trafficking.

Sadeghi pointed out: Goods for identification are classified into three groups A, B and C, which include; The first group of drugs, pharmaceutical supplements, supplies, health products and animal products, cosmetics that must have an ID from the beginning of June, the second group of home appliances, refrigerators, washing machines, vacuum cleaners, dishwashers, petroleum products, gold and ingots Artifacts, textiles and clothing, white and red meat, which must have a tracking ID according to the instructions and a comprehensive trade system from the end of June, and the third category includes chemical fertilizers, seed toxins, wheat and barley, which are also imported based on These are the instructions.

He said: in order to carry out the assigned tasks in the field of Articles 5, 6 and 13 of the Law on Combating Commodity and Currency Smuggling, 4 comprehensive trade systems, a comprehensive warehouse system, a commodity identification system and an intercept identification system have been designed and launched.

According to Sadeghi, users can register through a specific process using the information contained in the product identification system guide, and to use this user registration system, they must first obtain information related to qualification (having a business card, company ID and company national number). ) To register.

He added: “After entering the system, users must specify whether the imported goods have a GTIN origin or whether the user himself has received a GTIN.”

Explaining this, he said: “The second option is that the imported goods do not have GTIN and must receive a code from the National Center for Numbering of Goods and Services of Iran (IranGS1) or use the internal ID of the system, and then the problem is that Whether the product has a GTIN or uses an internal identifier, it must form the product identification.

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