What is an environmental management system?
What is an environmental management system?

خانه What is an environmental management system?

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What is an environmental management system?

What is an environmental management system?

What is an environmental management system? The environmental management system helps organizations to act comprehensively in identifying, managing and controlling environmental issues.

Other ISO standards that deal with different types of management systems, such as ISO 9001 for quality management and ISO 45001 for occupational safety and health, all use a high-level structure. This means that ISO 14001 can be easily integrated with any ISO management system in the organization.

Environmental management system

ISO 14001 is suitable for any type of organization with any size, including private, public and non-profit. The use of this ISO helps the organization to address all environmental considerations and issues related to its operations, including air, water and wastewater pollution, waste management, soil conservation, climate change, and resource use and impact. Consider.

Like all management system standards, ISO 14001 requires continuous improvement of organizational systems and environmental considerations.

This standard has recently been revised and has had key improvements in environmental management in strategic planning processes, more input from the organization’s leadership and stronger commitments, and active interventions to increase environmental performance.

Benefits of using environmental ISO in business and organizations

The reasons for using the strategic approach to improve environmental performance from the language of users using this standard are as follows:

Compliance with current and future legal and regulatory requirements
Increase leadership involvement as well as employee involvement in environmental issues
Improve the reputation of the organization and increase the confidence of shareholders through strategic communication
Success in achieving strategic business goals by combining environmental issues with business management
Create a competitive financial advantage by improving performance and reducing costs
Improve the environmental performance of suppliers through their integration with the organization’s business system

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